Friday, February 22, 2008

The date is set....

Next Wednesday will kick off a week-long string of events which will culminate in an early morning surgery appointment for Elizabeth's tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy.
March 5th is the date of the surgery. We have to check into the hospital at 6:30 am for a 7:30 am procedure.
At this point they are not anticipating that she will have to stay overnight, so I'm hoping we'll be out of there by early afternoon. It's a four to five hour recovery/observation period.
Of course, this means her surgery is four days before her fourth birthday, which will stink. But at least we already are planning for a big ice cream party! Sigh.

Next Wednesday she has to go in for pre-op blood work. Then it's the preregistration for the actual surgery next Friday (I think this will just involve me making a phone call...I hope!)
The Monday after the surgery she is scheduled for a four-year well-check, which I am considering rescheduling because Tuesday after that is the surgery follow-up. I'll have to call and see what the pediatrician's office thinks about moving the well-check a week or so.

Right now I'm not TOO worried. The date is still far enough away that I can pretend it's not out there. Watch for my anxiety meter to creep ever higher, however, as the gap between now and then closes.

In other news...
Dylan, my poor baby, seems to have caught my nasty head and chest cold just as I am seeming to get over it.
He woke up in sobbing, screaming tears this morning at 4 am ish and Bob brought him into our room to lay with us I mean ME. Bob was ALLLLLL the way on the other side of the king size bed. Punk.
Remarkably, Dylan calmed down quickly and fell back to sleep while I rubbed his hair and ears. It was so nice to be able to baby him. He's such an independent fellow. He only wants cuddles when he's hurt or sick, and even then just for a minute or two. There's lots of mayhem to cause, can't let illness and injury get in the way of that!
After about a half hour of sweet slumber (I of course was awake the whole time) he started fussing a bit and changing positions, all while snoring like a grown man.
He had a bit of the snarfles too, but not sleep apnea like snarfles...more like all the snoring was dredging up sickie-goo snarfles.
That was probably way too gross for some of you childless folks...sorry. :) I tried to be mild.
By 5 am Dylan had usurped my pillow entirely and I removed myself to the living room where I started making dishcloths. They're hot.
Halfway through my second one I hear "Whah whah!" THUMP!!!
So I jumped up and went into the bedroom where Bob was holding Dylan, who was sobbing that no-sound cry that is just so heartbreaking. Elizabeth, who was ALSO sleeping in our bed last night, was sitting up in bed, rubbing her eyes, hair all askew and looking totally pissed that her brother had the NERVE to fall out of bed and wake her up.
I mean really, what a cad!

Luckily for Dylan he landed on a basket full of yarn! Ha ha! No damage was done to boy or yarn.
He came out and sat with me in the living room while I finished the dishcloth and we watched Lilo and Stitch the cartoon. Which is stupid, but the kids like it.
Then the kids finally adjourned to Dylan's room (which is STILL CLEAN!) to watch more lame cartoons and attempt to wake up more fully.
It is now more than three hours later and they are wide awake, fully charged and ready to cause trouble. Just FYI.

About 45 minutes ago, Dylan demanded to take a bath. So BOTH kids (naturally) got a surprise bubble bath at around 7 am. Now he has very spiky hair, which is actually quite cute on him in a Jimmy Fallon sort of way.
Though we're not planning on going anywhere today, it's nice to know that if we HAD to they wouldn't be the smelliest kids out there.

And this is just live blogging at its very best.
At this precise moment, Elizabeth and Dylan are both yelling at the cat to jump down from his perch top the kitchen cabinets, where incidentally he is hiding FROM them.
Ad nauseum.
When do they stop to breathe? Answer...never. I think kids breathe through their ears. There's no other explanation for the constant din erupting from their mouths.


Anne Marie said...

So sad to hear about poor Dylan getting sick- but at least I'm glad that you got some- much deserved- mommy snuggle time out of it. And I love the live blogging- right now, Owen is slamming a toy airplane into my leg, saying, "Mommy, look it airplane.... gzzzuuuuuu (airplane flying sound, I guess.)" We'll be thinking about you all on the 5th and hope that she recovers like a champ to enjoy her 4th B-Day!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm tired. Thanks.

Jessica said...

She's pretty tough, and I'm hoping she'll be able to get some good recovery sleep the day of her surgery and the few days afterwards too.
In her own room, of course.
God willing.

Jessica said...

You mean my stories don't make you desperately want to have sleep-disturbing kids Amy???
They are sooooo much worse than racist garbagemen. And so much better too.

Andrea said...

We'll be thinking of you guys this week and next. Hope everyone is feeling better in no time!

debdills said...

hey jessey! hope all goes well tomorrow (today). I am thinking of you!

Jessica said...

Today is the bloodwork. Dylan has to come with us...grr.
At least we can get it done at the hospital and fill out the pre-op paperwork at the same time! Yay! multitasking!
I will have to bring Dylan's umbrella stroller or else risk him stabbing other hospital goers with needles from the lab.
Yeah, he'd do it.