Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is how I woke up this morning...

"Mommy! Daddy! What doin?"

And that face was in MY face.
I looked over at Bob and he said, "I didn't get him out of the crib!" and I certainly didn't get him out.

Ah nuts.
He got HIMSELF out.

He HAD been practicing with getting into the baby bassinet...but I never thought he'd EVER EVER EVER get out of his own crib all by himself. Let alone be able to open his door and run through the house while we slept.
Our whole way of living is over.


Jason said...

Time to put a lid on the crib. Or trade it for a doggy crate!

Jessica said...

We were thinking chicken wire, but a dog crate would work too!

Anonymous said...

Just turn the crib upside down, not its a cage! I have this fear for my baby. When Casey was barely walking he could catapult himself out of his crib. And my uncle was also an escape artist. My grandma said they had to tie him in the crib with a bathrobe tie around one of his feet, which I think would be illegal now... This does not bode well for me.