Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pats!

Luck of the Irish? My eye!

Dylan has croup and Elizabeth has a sinus infection. How did she get a sinus infection when she's been on antibiotics for 100 years?? Antibiotic resistant sinus attacking super goo? That's my only guess.
So she's back on the pink stuff. Amoxicillan.
Dylan got a steroid shot for the croup (to de-inflame the breathing passageways or something) and super duper cough syrup, of which he is currently in need.

We even all wore green today.
This is crap.


Anonymous said...

Blech, sorry!

Chris said...

Antibiotics generally don't do much aganist a sinus infection because the infection is way up there where they can't reach. Sad but true. Lots of fluids, rest, some hot showers to clear out her head, and it'll go away on its own.

Hot showers for the win! Even if she's not in the water itself, the steam will do her wonders.