Friday, March 14, 2008

So huge!

I feel like a giant whale.
I think I'm having a whale baby instead of a regular human baby.

Just in the last week or so my belly has quadrupled in size. Sextupled!
I don't even look in the mirror anymore. Too depressing.
Maternity shirts make me look even more disgustingly huge, so I don't wear them.
I wear my regular shirts (and stretch out the belly!)
A week ago I bought some T-shirts from the Walmart juniors section to wear (and wear out) these last two months. Apparently juniors who shop at Walmart are all 6 feet tall and weigh 97 pounds. All the T-shirts are cut skinny and super long. Not a great look on 5'3" me USUALLY, but the extra length is great for covering up the humongo belly.
And at $6 a pop I don't care if they have to get thrown out in two months.

In other news:
Bob took a job retrofitting a power plant. He started yesterday. He has to be there at 6 am and should be getting home everyday (EVERY day) at around 8 pm. It's around an hour drive to the plant.
Today is day two. He was EXHAUSTED last night. We'll see how long he makes it working seven days a week, 12 hours a day...
It's ALMOST like being a full-time mom. Except, the mom job has no lunch break. But you do get to play bubbles and balloons. Unfortunately, you also play puke and poop and NO I WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP EVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN EVEN IF YOU PAY ME IN SKITTLES!
That one is my favorite.

Meanwhile, The New Baby thinks it's a great idea to get all bunched up on one side of me and put a foot (or elbow or skull) into my kidney.
Is your liver on the right side? If so, then liver also.

At my checkup yesterday the "let me check your pee for whatever might be in pee" nurse even said "Wow I can see right where HE is!"
Yeah, really??!?!
I can feel him over there too. When he ISN'T bunched up around my right side organs he's flipping constantly and bouncing off my bladder.
ON CUE that baby in there just dislodged from my spleen(?) and flipped across underneath my belly button to my other kidney and kicked my bladder for good measure along the way.

Elizabeth's tonsils are healing perfectly, she's almost back to normal voice wise and her sleep apnea is TOTALLY GONE! It was totally gone starting from day one but it's still so amazing to me. Obstructive sleep apnea is the pits. I'm so glad she's not going to have to deal with this EVER EVER again!

The bad news...I peeped a look at Dylan's tonsils during Elizabeth's follow-up with the surgeon.
Oh. My. Lord.
They are giant.
So I guess we'll do round two in a year or so...

Anyway, that's my news...
I'm hugely fat. Bob is working like crazy. Elizabeth has no more tonsils and Dylan probably won't have his for long.
Also the cats haven't killed anything for awhile so, I'm on red alert for huge dead things...the longer they wait, the worse the bloodlust gets, and so on...


Anonymous said...

Fun times!

eaf said...

I'm so glad to hear that the apnia is over. At least there is a payoff (immediate, no less) for all your worry. Yay, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

I like to picture myself as a manitee. I find them to be more loving than whales.
- Joan