Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's Over!

It's done! We're home! She's fine!
Pics to follow!


Still pre-surgery, but POST-drugs...
Drugs are bad...mmmkay...

There are no pics of her in recovery. Recovery was rough. Very rough.

Post surgery in the post-op room

Talking to her publicist/dad.

This is post pukeage.
All dressed, ready to go, munching on sherbet.
Warily accepting a wagon ride to the parking lot.
In the car on the way home! Yay!
She's just chilling on the couch now, accepting phone calls from her biggest fans.


Chris said...

See? No worries.

Anne Marie said...

Yay! So great to see her cute smile after it is all over. Tell Elizabeth we are very proud of her-and great job making it through the day, mom!

Andrea said...

Yay! Glad it's over and she's fine. What could be better than eating lots of sherbet?

Jessica said...

she came home and had two puddings, and enjoyed that very much as well.
Now she is playing doctor (my mom sent her a whole doctor play outfit for her birthday) with me as the patient.
Bob and Dylan went to a birthday party for our nephew, we girls are home alone.
I have been diagnosed by Dr. Elizabeth as having "goop everywhere and air everywhere making the goop stink bad"
Prescription: Blanket, pillow, one green apple and brush my teeth

I already feel much better!

She will NOT lay down on the couch anymore. She refuses!

Oh! Sweet! I get a sticker for being a good patient.
She's totally ready to be a real doctor. Her handwriting is awful. She keeps leaving me all alone in the exam room and saying she'll be back to check on me "in a few minutes," keeps trying to sedate me and forgetting my diagnosis everytime she sees me.
My baby is on her way to med school!!

Anonymous said...

So do they just go in through her throat? Weird.

Jessica said...

Yep. They take out the tonsils and adenoids through the mouth and then cauterize the area.
Very interesting.
Here is a link if you want to know more!

Bern said...

Yay! It's over!
Elizabeth looks all chirpy in the post-ops pics! What a brave little girl!