Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The tonsils come out...TOMORROW!

(I hope you channeled Annie for that post title if not, go give it another shot)

Tonight we pack and prepare.
Tomorrow we rise early and head to the hospital for Elizabeth's surgery. Whoo ha.
I'm nervous, of course.
She doesn't really know yet.
We keep telling her she's going to see the doctors and stuff, but she's not getting it. She LOVES her regular pediatrician. I don't really know if she understands that she's not going to see Dr. B, she's going to the big girl serious hospital with different docs in funny clothes.

We are set to check in at 7 am, with surgery scheduled for 9:15 am now. Apparently a kid even YOUNGER than Elizabeth is having surgery as well and they put the little ones first. Probably so they have a longer time to monitor them post-surgery, or something.
Anyway. Surgery starts at 9:15 am and it's set to take one hour with 2-3 hours of post-op observation following. If all goes well we could potentially check out as early as 12:30-ish or as late as whenever the heck they feel like letting us go.
Of course, I'll be prepared for either option!
This will give me a great opportunity to use the backpack Elizabeth got for Christmas. It's huge.
Send us good thoughts and prayers and wishes and messages in bottles.
Also, send some of those good thoughts to poor deluded Bob, who will be taking charge of young Mr. Dylan for the day...
Bwah ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm sure things will go fine. Tonsillectomies have to be right up there with appendectomies on the scale of easy peasy operations hardly anything bad ever happens, right?

Jessica said...

From what I've read, the risks are very low for the actual surgery and anesthesia.
1 in 50,000 to 1 in 100,000 or between .00002 and .00001 percent.
Very low.
The real potential for problems is post-op where the severe complications range from extreme multifactorial (all over the place) pain preventing nutrition leading to dehydration, hemorrhage (primary - within the first 24 hours after surgery and secondary - AFTER the first 24 hours have elapsed, apparently each has different causes), post-op infection, post-op emesis (puking) and bad breath.

Fingers crossed.

Anne Marie said...

We're all thinking of you guys and will be praying for a very successful surgery and recovery tomorrow. Hang in there and give Elizabeth an extra squeeze from all of us.

debdills said...

When she's stuck with tonsils
that constrict
and annoy me!
I just stick out my chin,
and grin and say...
the tonisls come out tomorrow...
bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sleep!

etc., etc.

You're in my thoughts!

Jason said...

You forgot my favorite complication: The gushing blood vessel in the middle of the night in the back of your throat causing you to choke on blood.

But then again, I had forgotten to take my blood pressure medicine when that happened.

Jessy, here's the advice from my hard-earned knowledge of surviving a tonsillectomy:

1. Lidocaine gel. You can dilute it in water and Elizabeth can gargle with it and numb her throat. When she's hurting and isn't allowed to have more tylenol, or she's starving but can't swallow, this will save your sanity. Make them prescribe you some.

2. Chicken broth. Lots of it. Stock up.

3. Don't get Popsicles. Get italian ices. They don't stain as badly and the milder flavor won't sting as bad.

Chris said...

Jesus Jason, don't add to her worries. You might as well talk about the time that guy's head exploded.

Jason said...

The guy's exploding head was just an urban myth. I think.

Jessy, it's much easier for kids than it is for adults. Kids get over it in a few days, while it was weeks for me.

But I am dead serious about the lidocaine gel. The pain pills are huge and say "take with food". The problem is you can't eat because you need the pills, and you can't swallow the pills.

Jessica said...

Jesus Christ!
Flash floods of throat blood!! I didn't see that in the literature!

I can't even dilute my fear with alcohol right now...ease up on a sista.
Chicken broth, yes, we're covered in that arena. And you could not be more right about Italian Ices. Love them, eat them all the time. Have to be Luigi's. Preferably lemon. She likes strawberry, but she's a kid, what the hell does she know.

Yes, I'm up at 4 am. Yes I'm freaking out.

Chris said...

Breathe. Calm down. It'll be fine. Ignore Jason (except for the lidocaine).

Andrea said...

I've been praying for you guys and hoping everything goes smoothly today. Let us know when it's over.