Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time flies

This will make you feel old my dear friends.

Today is the first day of the spring quarter at my alma mater UC Davis.
Sooo...eight YEARS ago on approximately this date, I'd have been starting my very LAST quarter of college classes.


Anne Marie said...

WE ARE SO OLD! I love the pic of the bike circle painted like that- they never painted the circles when we were there. What up wit dat?

Meredith said...

Does that mean 12 years ago we started our FIRST spring quarter???

I do feel old :(

debdills said...

that was cruel....

this year is the 99th anniversary of picnic day... someone told me it was the 100th, and I fell for it... but research indicates that the first picnic day was in 1909.

you should venture to norcal for the wonderous event next year!

Jessica said...

I didn't want to say that Meredith, but yes, 12 years ago.

So funny that Anne Marie focuses on the cute bike circle art whereas I am still annoyed at the people just WALKING THROUGH THERE like la-di-dah! Don't they know I will plow them over!
Stupid pedestrians!

The UCD official website says this year is the 94th official picnic day, though it DID start in 1909...whatever.
I do TOTALLY want to go next year...gotta start planning now!
Yes, I WANT to go to Picnic Day, even though I hated it as a student and actually wrote about that in the school paper...I'll go now. :)

debdills said...

start planning you trip! we should have an aggie reunion of sorts...