Thursday, April 03, 2008

So, this is it....

Ever been sick with a lingering, nagging cold for so long that you just finally give up and say, alright fine I guess this is just my life from now on. I'm just going to be that sick, hacking person on the bus forevermore.

That's me.
Except I don't ride the bus.

I've been sick with some sort of barbed cold virus for about two weeks now and I want to transfuse all of my bodily fluids in a radical attempt to flush it out.
The kids and Bob are also still afflicted with some form of sickie. Elizabeth has lingering pink eye, Dylan has a cough, Bob and I both have sinus infections and hacking coughs.
We're the Tuberculin Family!
Nah, but like that.

Last night Dylan woke up and escaped his crib at around 2 am ish...Bob brought him into bed with us (a bad idea) and Dylan hacked, kicked and scream-cried until Bob retired himself to the living room couch...aka the comfort cruise...aka it's not comfortable.
Finally Dylan fell asleep and joined the cacophony of his sister's phlegmy breathing. I swear, it was the emphysema ward in my room last night.
All moaning and groaning and hacking and rattling coughs.

Left alone with the children I had to fend for myself and protect my bed space! I actually moved from my side to the middle, then to Bob's side of the bed, just trying to keep some playing field for myself. No matter where I went there they were, feet in my back, breathing their hot germy breath on my face...ugh.
It was a deranged game of Twister.

Right foot in mommy's hair, left foot in mommy's rib! Now everyone COUGH! HACK! SNARFLE!!!!


Not to mention the baby INSIDE!!!
Before bed last night, Elizabeth and I spent at least a half hour watching him kick the remote control off my belly with such ferocity. He's a dang mule!
Elizabeth just kept saying "This is awesome! This. Is. AWESOME!"

Yeah. Awesome.

In baby news...we've set the date for his birth. May 12!
A finish line!
This will end our streak of single digit birthdays. I'm the first, Dylan the second, Bob the third and Elizabeth the ninth of our respective months.
Twelfth is cool though. Twelfth is cool.
Oh heck. I'd have this baby on the twenty-eleventh of Octvember if it meant a night of peaceful sleep.
Though, as you can see from the above words I've typed...that's NOT happening any time soon.


Anne Marie said...

Since I'm going through VERY similar nights right now- I totally feel for you. The poor sick little ones don't have much concept of where to cough, especially in the middle of trying to get rest- so usually all the coughing and hacking ends up on mom. I feel like I am a germ magnet, as well- but I am trying to see it as a way of them showing us how they love and need us? Ok, no, I just want them to feel better and sleep again- so I can too! I hope yours get better soon, so you will only have to wrestle with the little one in your belly at night!

Jessica said...

Oy. It never ends does it!?!?

Last night Elizabeth's pink eye moved from right to left eye entirely.
She was complaining about all the "goop" in her eye. And it WAS goopy I'm not gonna lie.
But she just would not stop rubbing her eye.
This morning she looks like she's got a Rocky worthy shiner.
And we're off to the doc.