Monday, April 28, 2008

Two weeks

Oh my goodness, this is really going to happen!
Two weeks from RIGHT NOW I'll have a third baby!

There's no way I'm prepared enough. There's just no way.

This baby, I'm not sure how big he is. He's head down and won't stop moving his arms and legs around, so my belly is always changing shapes!
He's big enough to where it really is not comfortable at all.
Fun fun fun!


Amy said...

I was wondering this weekend, when is she having this stinking baby!

Jessica said...

I'm in no way prepared. Mentally, physically, emotionally, organizationally...
Anyone want to come over and help sort baby clothes???
Fine. Don't.

Anne Marie said...

Two weeks! How exciting! Good luck with the sorting, I wish I were closer to help out :)

Jessica said...

Oh come on! it's only a 15 hour drive!!

Ann said...

I can't wait to see how it is with three. Everyone says going from two to three is cake compared to going from one to two or was that from three to four or five to six or............Good luck! Do you have a name at the ready?

Jessica said...

Going from zero to one was interesting.
From one to two, at the age she was (22 months) was hard. Though she did sleep in her own room at the time, and through the night.
With the particular TWO that I currently have (open to trades!) I think going from two to three will be, interesting and hard!
Elizabeth is an avid co-sleeper, which means she likes to sleep smack dab between mommy and daddy. Nice.
Dylan is a sleepwalker. He climbs out of the crib three or so times a week during the night and wanders hysterically to our room. We just replace him and he goes back to sleep.
The new baby (with a secret name) will surely be up half the night. So, Mom's gonna be one tired hoochie. probably with kids hanging all over me all night long too!

Maribeth said...

good luck! I am only at 2 but I am suffering sleep deprivation in the worse way. Evan is up 3 times (1 am, 3:30 am and 5:30 am) it's horrid! I can't wait till he's sleeping regularly. I will think good thoughts for you. I suspect babe 3 will be cake for you!

debdills said...

you are a saint, dear woman, a saint. or insane? i'm totally unclear. ;) best wishes with no. 3.

this planned date of delivery thing is interesting.... just think of it as an aggie deadline. do what you can, but know that you can never get everything absolutely perfect.

Jessica said...

I'm insane.

Debbie, don't you remember me from the Aggie offices at all??
Perfection was my mission!

Amy said...

Well maybe with three kids hanging all over you it will prevent a number 4? But if Elizabeth's co-sleeping didn't. . .

Jessica said...

My OB said that the way he ties tubes, they STAY tied. :)
So the only way I'd have a number 4 is if I get mushy in the delivery and decline the tubal ligation or if I get the tubal and then years later when I get rich I undergo an expensive course of IVF treatments, probably resulting in some sort of terrible Jon and Kate Plus Eight situation....
You'd have to come visit me at the looney bin then for sure.

eaf said...

three babies. my brain can't handle that. I think I finally have half a handle on two. Although I clearly will be changing diapers until I'm eighty. In fact, does this mean she'll never change MY diaper?

Jessica said...

You two could help each other!
That's sweeeeet!

Here's the really sad part...I don't have a handle on the two I have currently.
Three is going to blow my mind!

debdills said...

maybe the new baby will be like a buddah baby? calm, serene, and at peace with the world? some how his effect will be to eliminate chaos.... (hey, you can dream, can't you?)

Jessica said...

That would be awesome.