Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Benjamin is home!

Because the hospital was too crowded and we were all fine and not needing round the clock nursing anymore, I insisted on being discharged yesterday afternoon.
Tears! The magic potion!
My OB and Ben's pediatrician cleared us both for release and we were all home by 1:30 pm!
As Elizabeth said:
"We're all a family again!"

The kids are beyond THRILLED to have another little person to poke at love and kiss.

My mom is here making meals, helping take care of and wrangle the older kids and keep the house and its occupants clean.
All I have to worry about is myself and Ben, and he's a dream baby so far!
He's a great sleeper. He slept all the way through his first night in the hospital which of course, kept me awake worrying. Duh.
He's an avid fan of nursing, which is also awesome! I expect my milk to come in today or tomorrow and he'll be sooo happy!
Last night (night number two) I'll forever refer to as, "The Night of Burping and Farting: Ben's not a fan"
Every time he had to toot or burp he'd FREAK out first, as though he was going to explode. Then he'd finish and fall back asleep like an angel.
Eventually though, he got himself all worked up and I had to sleep with him right next to me in bed in order for either of us to get any rest. No biggie.
He woke up twice to eat and went right back to sleep both times.

We were up at 6:30ish this morning and while my mom fed and changed Dylan (Elizabeth snoozed a BIT longer than everyone else this morning) I changed Ben, fed him and he went back to sleep. He's just now starting to get fussy, but hey! He napped for almost two hours in his bassinet without me snuggling him and without a pacifier! Victory is mine!

I'm just so happy to be not pregnant anymore, to be home and to be relatively pain free. Percoset helps.
Love you all!
Thanks for all the well wishes!
Enjoy the new pics!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how he's calm and quiet in all the photos except the one with Elizabeth holding him. It's like he could read the evil thoughts swirling in her head about the torment she's going to put him through the rest of his life. Maybe you should save those percoset for when your mom is gone - isn't that when the real pain will settle in? Glad you're home, and where's the weight loss update! Make us jealous.

Jessica said...

I'm waiting for some more post-op swelling to go away before officially weighing myself! :)

Meredith said...

Your family is just too cute! I'm so glad you have a happy, healthy baby and a good sleeper to boot! Enjoy this time - they are newborns for only so long :(

P.S. Glad you are out of the hospital - I hated sleeping there too!

Jessica said...

Ugh it was horrible! I couldn't sleep in that bed at all. Then the second day another mom moved into the room, which was tiny as it I cried and they let me go home. :)
I slept MUCH better last night!

Andrea said...

Oh, he is so SO cute! Glad you are all home already and loving on that little bundle!

Anne Marie said...

Congrats, Jessey and family! Ben is soooo adorable, and it sounds like he is settling in well to his new life outside the womb :) I'm so glad you are home now and have many hands on board helping things run smoothly (or as smoothly as can be expected in a house with todddlers AND and newborn!) We are sending you all our love :)

Georganne said...

JESS! He's gorgeous!! And I love his name!! You are so Blessed! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Tigerlilly said...

I'm glad they let you go home!! Benji is so adorable... you know you have to bring him over so I can get all my baby fixes in.

Let me know if I can help with anything (I dont do diapers though!lol) ....

Bern said...

"We're all a family again!" - that's so cute!

Ben looks adorable.

eva said...

Looking good! By the way, I didn't mention before but I love the name Benjamin. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations honey. You did good and you look beautiful. Serene and glowing.-Erin

debdills said...

Glad you're home, happy, and "a family again."

Ben is adorable! Maybe some of his calmness will rub off on his sibs? ;)

Jessica said...

I doubt it!
It's the newborn bliss period, where all the baby does is eat, sleep and poop.
Mayhem comes later.