Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last Day as a Preggo

Tomorrow I give birth to the final member of The Triad.
Was The Triad good or evil on "Charmed"?**
I can't, either way. Everyone switched back and forth on that show so much...
Anyway, can you see how my brain is working lately, as in to say, not working at all.

My mom is here and today for my ultimate Mother's Day present she kidnapped not only my children but also my husband and made them go shopping! Ha!
I am supposed to be resting, packing my bag for the hospital and making guacamole for their return home. Yes, I make great guac.

Instead, I caught up on my e-mails, closed out my craft shop for my new mother hiatus and read celebrity gossip online.
In that order.

As for the impending birth, I am nervous. Nervous both because egad ANOTHER life I'm responsible for is joining the world AND doing so via a giant gaping hole in my belly.
Surgery freaks me out. I know it will be fine and I never have to do this again, but it still freaks me out. I will have to force myself to sleep tonight. I had MAD trouble sleeping last night and ended up dreaming about being married to Adam Sandler. Oy vey. Niiiightmare!

Where was I going with this?
Oh, I have no idea.

I'll have someone snap a final preggo pic and post it tonight for the most official "before" pic possible. You will not get a picture of me at 5 am heading into the hospital. That's just not going to happen. What little pride and dignity I have left won't allow that to happen.
The lighting is not great, but here is the last pic!

And then tomorrow evening, the baby update will be up! Wow! Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

I better go clean something, just for good measure.

**You know me, I can't live not knowing something. Google reveals The Triad are evil demons.


Anonymous said...

Yay! It seems like it's been FOREVER since you said you were pregnant, says the one who is far, far away from the crazed action and whose belly isn't rapidly expanding. And will you be out for the c-section? You can sleep then. Probably you'll be awake though, in which case isn't "You just cut open my belly I'm in a lot of pain" the standard rationale for providing sleep inducing drugs?

eaf said...

YAY! Baby! I will be anxiously watching the site. You'll do fine! We're thinking of you here in old NC.

Ann said...

Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to see pix of the Nubabe.

Maribeth said...

I will be thinking about you tomorrow. It seems like the time flew since you announced you were pregnant. Can't wait for the pix!

Jessica said...

I'll be awake, unless something goes terribly wrong...which won't happen of course.
And then they usually only give you the "good drugs" while you're in the hospital and send you home on super-ibuprofen pills or something equally unsatisfying when measured against the fact that you just had ORGANS CUT APART!


debdills said...

Best wishes and all that jazz tomorrow. Looking forward to many new adventures!

Kate said...

I'm excited for the latest Evans baby to be born! He must be born by now, Must! I want to know all the pertinent details! Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!

Kate said...

I'm excited for the latest Evans baby to be born! He must be born by now, Must! I want to know all the pertinent details! Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!

Andrea said...

Oops, those comments from Kate are really from me. I guess she was signed in to blogger from my computer. I'm the one who's excited about the new baby!