Friday, May 09, 2008

News news news!

No, not me. I'm still pregnant!

Here's the new news...
My college roommate and dear friend Joan has had her baby!
Yay!! Even though she was due AFTER me, and that's so not fair!!!!!

She's sketchy on the details, probably because she's so tired.

Baby Scott was born April 26 at about 3:00am! Three weeks early!

That's all the details I got. No weight or nothing! Bah. I need pics!

In other baby making news:

Those Duggar people are doing it again.
18 kids.
That's insane. But at least their kids are all good, presumably. It's hard to get in really bad trouble when you're wearing prarie clothes.
I kid, I kid. I know, to each their own. Whatever.

You can just have two kids and tons of money and have problems. BAD problems.
Like stupid Nick "Hogan" Bollea. Hopefully he'll really serve the time. Idiot.


Anonymous said...

Nellie Oleson. She was a bad prairie clothes wearing little girl. I was reading the interview on Today, today, and the older kids take care of the younger kids. I felt bad. I mean, it's okay to have to pitch in sometimes, but there are ALWAYS babies in that house. Those Duggar parents are either ensuring lots of grandbabies, or sending their kids straight to the sterility doctors.

Tigerlilly said...

Just so we can laugh at you.... you have to take a picture of you and your belly before you go to the hospital Monday morning!!! That will be a great 'before' pic!!

Meredith said...

Congrats to Joaner and Casey! I can't wait to see what Baby Scott looks like. And the Nubabee! I'm with Tigerlilly on the picture - take one! :)

Maribeth said...

I laughed so hard when I read your piece on the Duggar's... those folks are down right CRAZY!

Jessica said...

OK, I'll take a pre-pic. Just for you!
You won't see THIS in the pic, but my belly button has popped out! So gross and strange!

debdills said...

do you think your outtie will become an innie post-baby? sorry, i'm really intrigued by this belly button thing.... I have always been fascinated by outties.