Monday, May 05, 2008

A week from today...

A week from fact, from RIGHT NOW! I'll be an official mother of three! Yay! and Yipes!

I'm excited, scared, nervous, freaking out, joyful, tired, happy, fat and did I say tired?

Actually, I'm not that fat. I'm on weekly appointments now of course and my weight has actually gone DOWN at the last two check-ups. I lost 2.5 pounds in weeks 35-36 and 36-37. Now I'm in week 38...I think I'm holding steady. I'm still at least 12 pounds lighter than I was when I delivered either Elizabeth OR Dylan, so hopefully beating back the baby weight won't be so hard this summer!
If you'll recall, I was getting super fly last summer thanks to Extreme Fat Smash and Celebrity Fit Club when my husband noticed how fly I was getting and promptly knocked me up. Thanks hon.

In total, I think I've only gained 20-25 pounds with this pregnancy, which is right on the money. With the two others I was around that mark too. I'm apparently not one of those mothers-to-be who eats everything in the pantry and gains 70 pounds with each kid. Don't get me wrong. I eat everything in the pantry. I just somehow burn it up with my uber-preggo-metabolism. Huzzah!
I wish it would last post-partum!
It also can't be a coincidence that as my brood grows larger and crazier, I have less time to eat Cheetos and am required to expend more energy on tactical crisis management aka "Dylan's running down the driveway!" or "Bits-uh-bith!!! That's mine! That's mine! That's MIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yeah, good times.
Have kids. Join me.

Those with kids, you know...oh, you know.

Even though I cleaned a lot yesterday, I swear the house is still messy. I need to de-clutter now. Unfortunately, now I'm really tired from all the effort yesterday. Sigh. Oh well.

I really should have taken before/after pictures of the giant strange invisible death monster stain. It's all gone now, but it was just very weird. I can't figure out what the heck it could have been. If it comes back mysteriously, I'm moving out.

The kids were actually pretty good for me in the afternoon. They watched some SpongeBob cartoons (of course) which let me get in a much needed shower - though after the hours of dishes and laundry hot water supply lasted just about halfway through conditioning...or approximately 5 minutes. Yep. Moms can shower FAST! I can take a whole complete shower, legs shaved and all in about 3 minutes. No lie. I've timed myself.
If speed-showering was an Olympic event, I'd be the perpetual gold medal winner. I'd be on a box of Calgon. Know what I'm saying?

Bob came home just after I got a shower and said "Oh! You smell nice!"
I said "I showered! I find it helps keep down the stink."
He said "Great, great" and wandered off to find some soda soda soda!!! He's like Animal from the Muppets when it comes to soda.

I laugh. I kid. I joke.

After the shower I managed to get in some time at the sewing machine. I'm making my own nursing pads so I don't have to use those horrible disposables nor pay good money for the really cheap looking and feeling reusables they sell at the store.
Mine are cute. And washable. And cost me about a quarter a pair to make. Ha! Take that commerce!
OK, Dylan just woke up (again). His first try at starting the day was at 5:30 am. Bob put him back to bed, thank goodness!
Time to start dealing cereal!


Anonymous said...

Well can you sign up for twitter so you can twitter us when the baby is born? You cannot just leave us dangling, you know.

The World According to Pixie said...

I HAVE A TWENTY-MINUTE SHOWER CURSE! I have also timed my showers and ABSOLUTELY can not come in under 20 minutes. I have tried very hard. Shaving, conditioning, exfoliating and pumicing are apparently very time-consuming for me. Even when I go in thinking I will do nothing but quickly scrub myself down with soap, I somehow manage to think I have a little extra time and wind up getting out USING UP THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF MINUTES! The leisurely lounging in the steam for what seems like two minutes but is obviously 15 gets me every time. :)

Jessica said...

I don't know if I can sign up for Twitter! My cell phone is kind of lame. But I can certainly text you or have Tigerlily update the blog...she'll probably be the first friend/blogfriend to get the news! Yeah, that's what I'll do...
I'll set it up.

Jessica said...

Ha ha! Jess! That luxury goes AWAY when you have kids!
I could certainly take a very VERY long shower if I had appropriate childcare in place :)
Years of having roommates and early classes and countless jobs that start at 6 am have properly trained me for showering in motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Text me? Ha! That would mean I'd actually have to remember to turn my cell phone on. And THAT would mean I'd need to find it. I have not seen it since my husband called his friend from the Seattle airport on our way home from Amsterdam. It's in the house somewhere. . .where, though, I really don't care.

Jessica said...

If I didn't have kids who were obsessed with phones, I'd have lost mine long ago too!
This morning, don't ask me how he did it, Dylan used my cell phone to call the house number.
He's a genius!

It's all set up y'all!
Christina/Tigerlily will post the official baby birth update after she officially visits us in the hospital!