Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Better So Far

Things are looking up today so far...
The washer healed itself! Yay!! (oh no, it didn't! Booo!)
My bangs actually look cute this morning! Yay!
Ben slept for three hour stretches last night! Double yay!!!!

Bob put the A/Cs into the bedroom windows, so there are some rooms that aren't totally unbearable during the day. YAY!

With all that good news, here's the bad...we probably won't be going to Utah this summer. I'm bummed. We've gone every Fourth of July since 2002. Stupid expensive gas! You're destroying families!!!

And here's where it sort of evens itself out...

Our bum tenant got a job! Yay! But he's blowing it off, booooo!

Elizabeth slept in her own bed in her own room last night! Yay! But, Dylan joined us in our bed at about 1 am...boooo!

Bob is probably not going down to Mesa this weekend, Yay! But, that means there is ZERO chance that I'll get Baja Fresh (even though the other weekends where he DID go, he didn't get me Baja, still, there was a CHANCE!)

Our veggie garden is growing! Yay! My roses are dying, boooo.

And so it goes...

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