Monday, June 16, 2008

What's with today today...a handy list

Things that are Bugging Me!

* The horrible wind!
* The heat, my God the heat!
* Our lack of central air conditioning, see above: "My God the heat!"
* Kids who say they want milk, but when they see the milk jug freak out and cry and decide they want juice. Then change their mind back again.
* Husbands who don't answer their cell phones.
* People who call you on the phone then spend the whole time you're ON the phone with them hollering at their kids or talking to someone else in their house. I mean really!
* SpongeBob Squarepants, as per usual.
* My washing machine making a weird noise during the spin cycle. No good.
* Sweaty underboobs, see Nos. 2 and 3.
* Crabby babies who are CLEARLY tired yet REFUSE to sleep.
* Bratty children who tear their rooms apart from floor to ceiling then cry that they are exhausted when you demand they tidy up their own mess.
* Jerky boys who pee their underpants after you have SPECIFICALLY TOLD THEM NOT TO PEE THEIR UNDERPANTS!!!!
* See above, substitute the word "poo" for all instances of word "pee". Double the irritation.
* Bloody noses, my own and those of others
* My sheer inability to turn a frown upside down or make lemonade of unwanted lemons.
* Gas prices
* Energy prices
* The price of rice in China
* Our tenant who for some reason has decided never to work again and not pay rent anymore or whatever...gah!
* My bangs that I tried to cut myself and made a big mess of...horrible.

* I reserve this space for all other things that may bug me today or in the future.


eaf said...

The sun will come up... Tomorrow... Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun...

Come on! Sing with me!

Then add that to your list of things that bug you. :-D

Anonymous said...

Plus Elizabeth your song contains SUN, which is causing the heat and sweaty underboobs. That's mean.

I'll trade you the heat and sweaty for a summer of 55 and misty downpours.

Jessica said...

When I get a really bad sweaty day like yesterday, I would TOTALLY go for that trade!

It's still not as bad as the 100+ degree summers in Davis, CA where it's 95 and humid and disgusting by 7 am and you end up taking two showers daily just to be able to live with yourself. But I'm much more acclimated to the cold and wintry portion of our seasonal allotment. This hot hot heat...feh.
I think Phoenix was 110 yesterday though, and we were a mere 85-ish so, that ALMOST makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

OMG, being small boobed before pregnency I had never REALLY experienced the sweaty underboob. It is horrible! I want my little boobies back. It's been in the 80s-90s here too, and no A/C... :(

Jessica said...

It's really the no A/C which kills me.
We actually have two small in-window units (one in our bedroom and one in Dylan's bedroom), so at least there are SOME rooms that offer relief.
Last summer we had both kids' beds in Dylan's room so they could sleep and nap comfortably.

PS Joan, pregnancy and nursing boobs are the big-booby girls' revenge on you small-booby girls who walk around all summer in college wearing tank tops and no bras and not getting all saggy or looking like trampy hookers.
Revenge of the Spice Rack!

PPS I had to take my friggin bra off to sleep last night because of the level of discomfort that nursing boobs plus underboob sweat was causing. I woke up soaked in mothers milk. NICE.

Anonymous said...

"Soaked in mother's milk." These are the things I should not tell David, yet will, that freak/gross him out. Like just last week, I learned that the baby is floating around in its own pee. That only intensified the #1 rule of the delivery room, which I will randomly make David repeat to me, just to ensure he remembers - "The baby MUST be washed off before being handed to me. MUST. There shall be no blood, no guts, no goo, and especially no PEE on me." I did of course also retain the right to pull an audible, in the event the pain muddies my brain and I forget all that I've recited.