Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last night a Jackrabbit tried to break into our garden.
We chased him off.
Dylan sang "Hit the road Jack(rabbit), and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more!"
The "no more" is his favorite part.
Jack was a HUGE animal. Bigger than two Louies. Don't think that would stop Louie from trying to take Jack down!

God love her, my mom's cousin sent Dylan some T-shirts that say things when you push a button on the shirt. And you can't take the noisemaker thing out of the shirt, AND it's all waterproof so it won't get ruined in the washing machine. AND Dylan loves the shirt and won't take it off.

Last Saturday I took the big kids to visit their Uncle while I went to the post office. Uncle Todd has one son and takes in all the nieces and nephews he has on his wife's side of the family. No lie sometimes he has 7 kids.
Saturday it was just two extra kids.
Remember how I said that Dylan told the missionaries that his name was SpongeBob. Well I guess he tells everyone that, because when we pulled up and I unloaded Dylan from the car the two extra kids (who we don't see that often) said "Hey SpongeBob! Come play with us!"
It wouldn't be a stretch to them that a kid was actually named SpongeBob, especially since the younger of the two is called (but not actually named) Stitch - from Lilo and Stitch. I swear I didn't KNOW that kid's real name for years.

I got a bloody nose in the middle of the night while nursing Benjamin.
I had to grab a cloth diaper off his shelf and bleed all over it to avoid bleeding all over him.
All the ruckus woke up Bob, who despite having been woken up at 3 am should have been more sympathetic to my plight.
I believe he said "Huh? Oh." and went back to sleep.

Today the kids and I went to WalMart and I swear I'm a celebrity when I go in there wearing Benjamin in his wrap. EVERYONE wants to talk to me about it. All the old ladies want to see the baby and talk about how cute he looks all snuggled up. I'm a walking advertisement for baby wraps! Luckily for those people I'm (fairly) friendly and don't mind chatting them up about how the wrap works and how comfortable it is, etc etc.
One day I'll get someone to take a pic of me and Ben using the wrap. I swear.

While I was driving home from WalMart I came to an intersection, just beyond which is the Sonic Drive In.
The person in front of me slowed down to enter the parking lot of Sonic. I, not wanting to smash through his rear bumper, slowed down as well.
SOMEONE else on the road found this to be an abomination apparently as a loud chorus of honking rang out immediately thereafter.
Hey, honky mchonkerson! Shut it!
It reminds me of a Dane Cook bit...

"Why did you stop at that red light and let me hit you going 90?!??"

Too funny.
SuFi for life.
Peace, I'm out.

Here's some recent (taken TODAY) pics of Ben.


eaf said...

um... yeah... that second pic.

That's some serious gas, dude.

Andrea said...

I love love love your super cute baby! Thanks for the anecdotes, I like to think you made a special effort to entertain me. ;) Sending my love to AZ!

Ann said...

OMG! What a cutie---especially b/c he's so litle and can't get into trouble yet!

debdills said...

i love the second pic.... what a face!

and today on the tv, i saw this add. i'm unable to imbed it or whatever, but if you go to youtube, search for "lowen pax huggies commercial"

it was laugh out loud funny.

the joy of boys.

Jessica said...

Dre it wasn't just me! I had many collaborators in the last five days who helped make this possible!Jack the Jackrabbit. Honky McHonkerson. Stitch and Savannah. The oldsters at WalMart. Cousin Tina. My dry nasal passages. Ray Charles. Thomas the Tank Engine (on the noisy shirt). SpongeBob.
So many friends.
And that wasn't even EVERYTHING funny that happened...just what I could think of off the top of my head.
My whole existence is a circus.

Jessica said...

Case in point...
Yesterday morning Dylan pooped on the floor.

I had him naked from the waist down, trying to do the potty training thing (sigh).
He starts yelling "Mommy! Mommy! It's poo-poos!"

That's serious!
So I go check it out. Sure enough it's poo-poos on the floor and I guess he stepped in it because it was poo-poos on his foot too!

Luckily I have baby wipes EVERYWHERE. Grabbed a few baby wipes and got that cleaned up.

Poor Dylan though, he was near tears about the poo-poos.
He sat there and pointed to the spot where it was for about a half hour afterwards saying "Poo-poos. Right dere!"

He's trying.