Saturday, June 21, 2008

I feel awful

I suspect it is the combination of 90+ degree heat, inside and outside my house, and the fact that I'm not drinking enough water and that I'm trying to wrangle three children (one of whom has transformed me into a milk factory) which has made me feel so illin' these last two days.

First off, I totally overdid my activity level yesterday morning when I completely cleared out Dylan's closet, relocated all his toy shelves and all his toys into the closet, cleaned Elizabeth's entire room, moved her toddler bed into Dylan's room, moved all Dylan's furniture around, moved Elizabeth's futon bed and rearranged her closet. Also I vacuumed about 400 times.
All that took about four hours. By the end of it all I was wrung out. I don't know what wild hair got into me, but it was something that I felt I had to do.
Now Dylan's room is set up for TWO occupants so whenever we decide that Ben needs to be out of our bedroom, Dylan's room is ready to go. All we need is another dresser in there and they're all set.
Elizabeth's room is also looking much better. Less toys, more floor space. She also needs a new dresser. I'm hoping these pieces of furniture will just show up in my yard someday, since I have no motivation and no cash to go out and get them myself.

Attention all individuals in the White Mountains with clothes dressers you don't need...bring them to me. I will accept them at no charge to you, or me.

Bob had Friday off and spent the morning helping out on a side job with our aforementioned jobless tenant. When he came home I was laying on the couch, half asleep, totally drained from my morning of insanity.

In the afternoon, while Bob played with the kids in the pool out back, I took a nap with Benjamin. A nap!?!
I never nap!
I woke up to eat hamburgers with the family then went back to snoozing. Apparently everyone was also worn out from the day because when I woke up I found out that Dylan and Elizabeth were both sleeping in Dylan's new-style room. Yay! It works!

Then Bob fell asleep.
I was awake and not wanting to nap anymore at this point so I took Benjamin out into the living room (where it was a nearly unbearable 86 degrees even WITH the fans on) and we watched the "America's Best Dance Crew" season two premiere episode.
An aside: Ugh. Stupid America! Why did you keep the stupid cheer girl crew and force the judges to eliminate Distorted X. They were fly.

Anyway. As we're watching ABDC, Elizabeth woke up, was crabby and all "talk to the hand" and went back to sleep on the kitchen floor. No lie.
Around this time is when I started feeling REAAAALLLY bad. Dizzy and crampy and ugh, not good. Dylan was still sleeping, thank goodness!
Elizabeth woke up and came to sit with me. I suspect I was not great company since I was dying of death.
Bob woke up from his nap and I took Ben with me back into the bedroom to lie down.
The A/C was on in there and it gave me chills. I took my temperature and I had a fever. My stomach was a fist. I wanted to just fall asleep and wake up healed but I couldn't because my body wanted to puke. A lot.
It turned out that I didn't puke at all, but it was just luck.
So there I was, with a fever shivering in bed, all cramped up, dying inside, dizzy and wanting to puke. Pretty!

Bob went outside to run the weedwhacker on the 18 feet tall weeds that had sprouted up seemingly overnight.
Elizabeth was sitting in bed with me. Ben was asleep in his bassinet. Shortly thereafter, Dylan arrived at my door looking hungover from sleep. The boy had just taken a four to five hour nap!
He, of course, had fallen asleep in underpants, so I had to change his pee-pants while I nursed Benjamin (who had just woken up) and tried very hard not to pass out or pass away.

Eventually, Bob came back inside and after he showered he got the kids ice cream and then Pied Pipered them out of my room so I could fall asleep. Phew. That left me with just baby Ben in the bassinet. I promptly fell asleep.
Every time Ben woke up to nurse last night, I was crampy and headachy. Not fun at 3 am. He also mysteriously was waking up wet every time. But a weird sort of wet. The bed protector and his clothes would be wet, but the outside of his diaper was dry. Where was the wetness coming from?!? I still don't know. I had to change him completely three times in the middle of the night. Not fun.

I woke up this morning at 7 and was still feeling nauseated and crampy. What the hell? I know I should be eating, but blech, I just don't wanna.
Bob thinks it was the macaroni salad we had with our hamburgers, but I think I got some kind of heat stroke or something. Food poisoning usually makes you retch straight away, right? Though I did have tomatoes on my hamburger. Egad! Salmonella!

It's almost lunchtime here now and my belly still hurts very badly. I'm not as near death as I was yesterday, but it's still early.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! I don't think it's the macaroni salad, becasue while I'm not sure if food poisoning always makes you puke, you were feeling bad all day. Probably too much cleaning in the heat, then that litle leach stealing all your mojo through the boob!

Jason said...

Based on your description, it's heat prostration. Sip Gatorade or water constantly and put ice packs on your neck. Watch Ben carefully in case it's affecting him, too.

No A/C? A trick I learned from Bernie's home country is to wet a piece of cloth like a bedsheet, hang it up and let a fan blow through it.

Jessica said...

I'm feeling a bit better now. I had some Gatorade and a banana.
We only have window A/C and we keep them in the bedrooms so we don't melt at night.
The mojo leech seems to be just fine. I'm the only one suffering...go figure!

Bern said...

Amy and Jason is right.
Sounds more like dehydration / heat stroke and not food poisoning.
Don't forget to drink lots of water!
Watermelon in this heat should do wonders!