Thursday, June 19, 2008

A wonderful day

We all headed out early this morning to meet up with friends at the park before it got blazing hot.
We arrived at the park at 8:30.
By 9:30 it was three degrees shy of blazing hot.
The kids all had a blast.
Dylan took his first ride on a teeter-totter!
Elizabeth was bossy with all her friends, of course.
Benjamin enjoyed the sun and being the center of attention.

We left the park and headed to our friends' house to check out their chicken coop.

My kids were THRILLED. They even got to pet a nice chicken.

Ben did not pet a chicken, but a dog did try to sit on him and briefly nibbled on him as well. Besides that, Ben enjoyed the shade.

He enjoyed all the attention here as well...note all the girls surrounding him!

A rare picture of me (not looking great) and Ben (looking pretty freaking mad!)


Anonymous said...

I think you look loverly.

Jessica said...

Aw. Thanks.
I could rip myself apart here, but I won't. Though I will say that my hair is a mess.

Anonymous said...

That's the heat's fault.

eaf said...

I think you both look cute.

And Ben, indeed, can sleep anywhere.

And I got my prize today! Thanks! It's so nifty!

Anonymous said...

I got mine yesterday too! Maybe I will hang it in my office, do you think it will help ward of idiot, but not necessarily evil, clients?

Jessica said...

I am a crafty witch, so perhaps I've imbued my finished objects with magical powers...
Though I suspect if I could ward off idiocy I'd have a much smoother life.