Sunday, June 22, 2008

Feeling better...

The temperature has been less oppressive these last two days which has helped me to not dehydrate entirely. Whoo hoo!
I've been more vigilant about watering myself, which has really improved my mood. No more cramps and headaches. Yay!

As a preview to my weigh-in tomorrow I will now tell you how lazy I was all week.

My only actual day of exercise was Monday. I Gazelled for a half hour while watching "Big Fish" on TV.
Tuesday no formal exercise at all, though I did clean and chase kids. I THINK this was the evening that we walked around in the yard at night, I had the baby wrapped to me. Though, all the days are seeming to run together. Ah, monotony.

Wednesday I went through the whole day thinking it was Tuesday, just FYI. I took all three kids to Wal-Mart, enough exercise for one day! Walking around Wal-Mart for an hour with the baby wrapped is pretty decent cardio.

Thursday was the day we went to the park and hung out with pals. After that I went to Basha's (a supermarket chain in Arizona) and shopped for about an hour with the baby wrapped. It was VERRRRRY hot on this day.

Friday was my insane cleaning morning, which was very taxing on my system as evidenced by my total physical collapse later on that day.

Saturday (yesterday) I tried to recover from Friday. No exercise, though again I cleaned and chased kids.

Today isn't over yet! We have decided to take the kids to the Ghost of the Coyote trail nearby and hike and picnic a bit. That should be fun (if it comes to pass). You know me and our planned activities...they never seem to happen!

If we don't go I'm definitely going to work out a bit tonight on the Gazelle. Just so I have something to write in my exercise book.

I still think I'll have lost weight this week because
A) my clothes are getting ever looser
B) I've really been watching my food intake
C) I was sick that one day
and D) I'm optimistic.

Here are some interesting facts I have learned about breastfeeding and weight loss.

*It takes about 250-500 calories a day to produce milk.
*In women with fat stores (most women!) up to 200 of those calories will come from burning up that fat. Neat!
*Nursing moms can safely lose about 1-2 pounds a week without diminishing milk supply.

Pass it on!

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