Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rambling on...and on...

Well, I've done it!
I've reached my first goal of dropping 20 pounds by my three week checkup!! Yahoooooo!!!!

Now the REAL weight loss work will begin. That first 20 pounds was the easy part, the weight of the actual baby himself and the reduction of the preggo swelling.

Though, that 20 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. Lots of postpartum gals find it hard to budge one pound off their butts after having a baby. I think the multiple insane children I'm herding around plus the endless daily chores have helped me to quickly reduce my weight.
Like I said before, I'm not exactly restricting my diet as I'm nursing and that is ill-advised. I need 500 more calories per day over my pre-pregnancy diet, which was ridiculously restricted. That said, I don't count calories either. I merely take note of caloric content and hope my guilt will guide me to the celery.
Did you know, for instance that there are almost 200 calories in 40 shelled roasted peanuts. An interesting fun fact for you.
Isn't it also funny that "shelled" means "unshelled" like flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? Weird.

My major life change during Operation New Hotness is working out. Every day. EVERY EVERY DAY. Moving my butt around every day.
Totally doable.
Especially on days when I'm literally single-handedly propelling a metal shopping cart loaded with 70 pounds of children and additional poundage of groceries WHILE simultaneously carrying another 8 pounds of child. That's a killer workout. Great for the abs. I joke. Great for the lats.

I have my silly Gazelle set up in my room, it's like walking with no impact. Great! I Gazelled for a half hour this morning.

When Law and Order comes on later, I'll probably do another half hour, during the Order part, which I consider to be the part where the cops are investigating. The Law portion is the part in the courtroom...right?
Ah, who cares, as long as Jesse Martin is in the episode.
Lord have mercy, that man is a tall drink of water.
So what if I'm married and he might be gay, or not. We could make it work!
Just because he was gay in "Rent" that doesn't mean anything...

Wow. I'm way off track...

In additional child and family news, we had a not great night last night. First off, the kitties killed something that we can't find. All I heard was high-pitched squeaking. Bob went to investigate and there were no kitties and no carcasses. He thinks they brought their "friend" outside to finish off. I hope so!
There is also a small lizard living under my computer hutch. He came out yesterday afternoon, briefly, then ran back underneath.
Hopefully, he'll be discovered soon and disposed of, otherwise I'll have to move furniture to remove him.

Midway through the night, Dylan woke up crying and screaming. I was up with the baby so Bob had to go calm Dylan down, which happened pretty quickly.
However, a few hours later Dylan was up again and roaming the house. Bob again had to intervene, this time a bit less happily.
Then Benjamin started fussing. By that point, Bob had a pillow and a comforter over his head. Poor dear.
I haven't slept through the night for over three weeks though, so Bob can sort of suck an egg on this one. I can't feel sorry for his one night of constant interruptions, I just can't work it up.

I've got to put a sleeping baby back into his bed now. He likes to hang out with me while I blog. I think the typing relaxes him.


Maribeth said...

You go skinny!

eaf said...

Way to go! I'm going to try the gazelle at the gym. It looked too stepper like to me at first, but I watched some folks on it yesterday and it doesn't look too bad...