Monday, June 16, 2008

ONH: The first obstacle

Operation New Hotness Progress Report:

Since the last report I have not lost any weight at all. The unreliability of my scale is a major pain in the butt also. This morning I stepped on the scale, got one number, stepped on again, got a number FIVE pounds less. What the hell?
I weighed myself about three more times and consistently came up with the lower number, but still!

I knew it was going to be hard to budge past that first post baby weight loss. I could not lose weight easily while I nursed Dylan at all. Nursing makes me SO hungry and a hungry me makes poor food choices. Like homemade rice pudding for breakfast. And lunch.
Mostly, my problem is that I don't eat enough at breakfast so then I'm extra hungry at lunch. But I still don't eat enough or I eat the wrong things that don't fill me up but are high in calories. So by 3 pm I'm starving and I'll eat 47 little tiny snacks instead of one medium sized snack. Then I'm still hungry at dinner and eat two helpings instead of one and my butt grows.
Not good.

Though I shouldn't complain too much. I am only FIVE weeks postpartum, and I'm light years ahead of where I was five weeks ago, or even two weeks ago. Though the scale might not be moving as fast as I'd like it to, I'm still fitting into my regular clothes already and even wearing the jeans I was fitting into just before I got pregnant -- my lowest weight in the last five or six years -- even though my scale is showing me at seven pounds over that low weight still. These are all good things.
Also, it's starting to get WICKED hot here and that will curb snacking as well. Too hot to eat and I'll drink tons of water to stave off dehydration.
Yesterday I swear I chugged 16 ounces of water in about 3.5 seconds, then refilled my cup and chugged another 16 ounces. I hate heat.

When I'm not giving myself water poisoning, I need to remember that even a little bit of working out every day will help me reach my goal. I keep track of how long I work out every day in a book and I write "none" on days that I slack off of working out completely. Then at the end of the week I tally up all the minutes spent exercising. I want to reach a goal of burning 2000 extra calories a week, which translates to about three hours of exercise a week. That gets harder with every day I totally slack off. I only have to do a half hour every day and take Sunday off to reach that goal of three hours a week. Should be easy, right?

The more times I have to write "none" the worse I feel about myself, which is good. Internal feelings of guilt will motivate me better than wanting to look hot. I also need to remember the reason why I started losing weight last summer in the first place. My doctor told me I needed to lose 10 pounds because I was borderline diabetic. Not good.
The hotness is just a nice added benefit, I really need to get back to a lower weight for health reasons. I mean, I'm not even 30 years old and ALREADY at risk for developing diabetes?!? I'm not even that much of a flabby fat ass, but still...risks are risks. My dad ended up developing diabetic symptoms just before he died so I know at least genetically the risk for me is there.

So, that's the update.
I need to hope my body isn't holding on to weight because of nursing, and I need to eat more healthy foods and more regular well-portioned meals and drink tons more water and work out everyday.
Soooo easy!


Anonymous said...

Blech blech, weight sucks. I am weird, I don't eat junk mostly all day. Then at night, after dinner, I only want crunchy salty stuff. Subbing a crunchy apples doesn't work. I don't want any fruit at night. And those little Skinny Cows only sustained me for a week, now it's back to I eat one then bring on the pringles! Which is even worse, because Fred Meyer has been crazy selling pringles for $1 a can, for like a month, so every week we stock up, lest the sale suddenly end, so there's always 3 cans in the house. Pringles are David's daily sandwich accompaniment, and if there's only one can, and it's half empty, I won't eat them, so he can munch away. But with 3 cans - he can't eat that many cans in a week, but I can!

Jessica said...

I eat great all day until after lunch, then at 2 pm it's like I just HAVE TO EAT! And I can't stop myself.
I'm not much of a sweets person either, I'd rather eat pretzels and chips and cheese and all that.

Like for breakfast I had fruit and cottage cheese (and coffee) Now it's almost 11 here and I am already thinking about lunch...didn't eat enough at breakfast...

Anonymous said...

My whole day is planned around when I will eat next. Although that is more to get me through the day, using feeding times as markers.

Morning coffee @ 10:30, only 6.5 hours left.

Lunch at 12:30, only 4.5 hours left.

Snack at 4, less than an hour!

I had to add in a 2:30 Mountain Dew break, to help. The worst days, are those when I really am hungry, and eat my snack at 3:30. Then I call David in near panic mode, that I have 1.5 hours left, and nothing to mark the time.

I have also gotten used to the Diet taste of my Diet Mountain Dews (which had little diety taste to begin with), and instead of it lasting me 30 minutes, I'm done in 15, and that is even a struggle.

Jessica said...

I swear I feel the same way! That my days are all organized around food, and not in a good way.
Maybe it comes from dieting for 100 years and being extra focused on food for that reason. Whatever it is, it can't be healthy to be constantly thinking about eating, even if you aren't eating what you are thinking about.
Ugh. I need a snack.

Maribeth said...

I feel you... I think it's tough to bargain with food when you're nursing. Hang in there...focus on the exercise. Find that inner voice that motivated you to begin with...I know you have it in you!

Jessica said...

Well, I feel much better today. I'm wearing size *ahem ahem* pants. The size I was wearing last summer, let's just say. And they are loose!
Whoo ha! I got my butt in check!

I know I'm never going to be a skinny ho...I never was. But I'd love to get back down to college weight. The weight that I thought was HORRENDOUS while I was IN college now looks like a hot piece of ass to me.

The ass is always leaner...