Wednesday, August 06, 2008

If you are an only child, be VERY thankful

I keep re-reading this post and it is making me more angry every time so I have to erase it in order to go on with life...
Long story short, siblings suck. Some perceived rivalry or slight or whatever from 15 years ago makes it impossible for me to have a normal relationship with my brother now and it will probably always be that way. I don't know why, he just hates the shit out of me. Whatever.
I have to give up on ever having a normal brother-sister bond because it won't happen and it hurts too much to keep trying fruitlessly.

I can only hope it isn't genetic and that MY kids will have a nice sibling relationship instead of constant bickering and bullshit.
The End.


Chris said...

You know the saying "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family." It's very true.

I get along with my siblings, but I don't have a whole lot in common with them. I don't even talk to my older brother - not because of any lingering anger or anything like that, but just because we don't keep in touch. It's the sort of thing that if I weren't related, I don't know that we would have ever met or have become friends because none of us run in the same circles.

Jessica said...

Thing is, I've never really understood WHY he has such pent up hostility toward me. I am the one who should be pissed off forevermore. But whatever.
I go home on Sunday. I can avoid the little weasel until then.

Anonymous said...

Well, using "forevermore" doesn't help. You're probably the favorite child and such. Blah blah, younger siblings are whiny.

Jessica said...

ha ha...true. I can't help it that I like the words. :)
I can assure you that I am certainly NOT the favorite child. When we would get into fights as kids (which was constantly) it would be "What did you say to your brother that made him hit you with a plank of wood?" and NOT "Why did you attack your sister with lumber you psychotic freak!" It would be "What did you do to your brother that made him knock you down and beat the piss out of you?" and NOT "Why are you so violent you psychotic freak!"
These are true stories.
Four summers ago he spit on me and I would have killed him if I could have.
When I was pregnant with Elizabeth he pushed me into a wall, for which he got thrown into the lawn by my husband.
My brother suffers from NoBigBrotherItis...he really just needs someone to smack him roundly and clear out the shit in his head.

Jessica said...

While my younger brother and I don't have animosity, we never talk and he lives somewhere in Texas and didn't even come to my wedding and is punk and does drugs and is covered with tattoos and dropped out of high school. He doesn't return phone calls to the family and rarely returns emails. We haven't seen him in years. We fought constantly as kids but now I miss him and it's sad.

Jessica said...

I think if my brother didn't still live with my mom that would be our situation as well. Which frankly, I think would be OK.