Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Meals on Wheels

Yesterday my mom and I took the kids bowling.
The kids didn't bowl as much as they rolled, as in just dropped the bowling ball and watched it roll down the lane. Sometimes only halfway before it had to be rescued by the alley worker.
One time, Elizabeth rolled and the ball touched and MOVED three pins and none of them fell down.
It was very impressive. I had flashes of "Uncle Buck" the whole time.
Thank goodness for the bumpers!
Their first game Dylan rolled a respectable 75 while Elizabeth rolled a 60. Dylan even picked up a spare in one frame! In her defense, Elizabeth tackled the game alone whereas Dylan had help from Nani and me.
The second game Dylan et al scored 68 and Elizabeth scored 58. However, Elizabeth also threw HERSELF down the lane during the second game...she walked out about five feet past the foul line and slipped and fell, but never dropped the ball. Good show! That's worth at least 10 pins, right? We'll call that second game a draw!

The best thing about the bowling alley was that it was so freaking loud, nobody could hear the baby cry! Don't call CPS! He didn't cry that much, and we fixed him when he was just funny to see his scrunchy cry face and hear....nothing....

After bowling, we went to storytime at the library.
Dylan got bored halfway through, so we adjourned with the baby to a little outdoor courtyard while Nani and Elizabeth enjoyed the second book.
We met back up and walked out to a small grassy area so the kids could play for a bit. On the way out there, we passed by a man who was eating his lunch. A big man. A biiiig lunch.
In fact, the lunch was SO enormous that he had transported it to the library with him in a rolling cooler, like those suitcases everyone wheels through the airport...except it was a big giant icebox, stuffed with sandwiches.


eaf said...

Welcome to my world... ah, the public library.

Our local alley has these racks that let the kids roll the ball down the rack and consequently down the lane. It's very empowering for them. It improved my game as well... I mean... um...

Jessica said...

I love the library! I don't understand why parents force their screaming, crying, kicking children to sit and listen to storytime when they JUST. DON'T. WANT. TO.
Seriously, escort your child out of the building and back to your car. I don't ENJOY slapping other people's kids, but I will do it. :)