Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some funny tidbits...

Why am I always amazed that when you crack the ice cube tray and toss it and the cubes fall into a different empty ice cube slot that they always fit I really that stupid?
I mean, really, they are uniform depressions in which you freeze water. They are identical! It's not like they're different sizes and shapes...

Yet...every time it happens I'm like "Gawrsh! I can't believe it fit again! Duh huh!"

Here's my sign.


Earlier today, Elizabeth wanted to spray on my Bath and Body Works body splash. It's Sea Island Cotton. It's great.
So, I sprayed it on her arms.
Then she stood there, took a biiiiig whiff of herself and said "Mmmmmmm!"
I said, "What does it smell like?"
She said, "Yum. Potatoes!"


This morning Dylan insisted that we make chocolate Jiffy muffins. Fine, fine. We made the muffins.
They are already all gone, he ate about 6 muffins.
As he was munching on the last one he was making yum yum noises so I said...
"Is that good?"

"No mommy! It's called a MUFFIN!"

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