Thursday, October 30, 2008

I could write yet ANOTHER post about how tired I am or how much I love coffee, but it has been done to death and back.

Aside from the baby keeping me awake though, there's not much else going on.
Oh, and yes, he DID torture me again last night with his crying and whining.
And yes, I realize that he isn't yet 6 months old, but I KNOW he's doing this on purpose. Some sort of baby vengeance.

This morning, after I woke up at 5 am, I thought "perhaps he's cutting a tooth..." but I rubbed my finger on his gums and didn't feel anything imminent.

Surely, there must be some reason for his sudden assiness. I wish he could just tell me what was the matter. Until then....

--- In Other News ---

My brother in law just popped over, oh how I hate the pop in!
I was wearing a bathrobe and had my hair up in a towel.
Usually anyone knocking on our door is either selling something we don't want, trying to make us Jehovah's Witnesses or attempting to collect on a debt and/or cut off our power/water/cable etc.
What I'm saying is, I pay no mind to my attire when unexpected visitors knock. Ask the UPS guy, he'll tell you what a foxy towel-headed lady I am. Ha ha. Who doesn't love grey sweatpants?

But this time, it was my brother in law. I opened the door and he just laughed.
"What? You don't like my outfit?" I said.

He just laughed.
Turns out he needed to get a washing machine hose that my husband had. Bob has one of everything, I swear. You name it, he's got one. It's really quite incredible the amount of crap the man has collected in the past five years on a very limited budget.

I should test his junk-ability and ask him for some crazy thingamajig...I bet he'd have one or at the very least, know someone who could give him one.

You lurking readers can help me with this task.

Post here and now with something that makes you think "there's surely no way he'd have that", but is still plausible enough that someone COULD have it at their house. No posting "nuclear reactor" or "Osama Bin Laden" I'm 100% sure we have neither.

You post, I'll ask. Let's see how deep the junk pile goes!


Ann said...

I've been looking for a mortice door handle/lock for our door. Have called lots of refurb/renovation places and junk haulers but no dice and just don't feel like forking over the 100s of dollars for a new one---Do you have one of those????

Jason said...

I need the little plug you use to make your Christmas lights blink. Do you have one of those? Lowe's didn't have one.

Jessica said...

I can't think of anything good to ask for. But if you asked me if I had anything in the universe scrapbook-related, I would have to tell you YES.

Jessica said...

Ann: You got me, we don't have exactly that. But we do have a closet door handle kit that I bought about four years ago and has never been installed on the door needing a handle because, and I quote,
"It's the wrong kind"
It says CLOSET DOOR it's for a CLOSET DOOR....sounds right to me, but what do I know!

Jason: If you mean those extra lights that you plug into the light sockets on your string of Xmas lights that turns them into blinkie lights, then yes, we have 87,000 of those!

Jess: I dabble in the scrapbooking and yes, I have WAY too much scrapbooking stuff for a dabbler. Way too much.

Ann said...

Oh well, it was worth a try! But, if you ever find one, well, you know who you can sell it to.

Jessica said...

Here's a short list of things I have discovered that we do have oddly enough...

* The tool that pushes the screen for screened windows into the window frame, we got that!

* a whole box of shooting targets, clay pigeons

* two metal train track/horseshoe horse head sculptures (medium size)

* something's skull

* a taxidermied antelope head...I think antelope

* two unused vacuums and one carpet cleaner

* rolls of chain link fence

* an archery target

* a chimmney brush

* and of course, a kitchen sink (and two bathroom sinks!)

debdills said...

methinks you have an ebay list!

On a totally random note, i'm looking forward to seeing what the kids are dressed up as this year! post pics!

eaf said...

I actually need a vacuum cleaner! Send it my way.

How about a towel rack. Preferably non-broken.

Jessica said...

Oh yes, we have towel racks that we removed from the small bathroom (ahem ahem two years ago ahem ahem) when we STARTED the bathroom remodel.
They weren't broken when they came off the wall, but two years of laying around in a non-working bathtub can't be good for them.

The kids were (oldest to youngest) a dragon, a Raider football player and a pumpkin.

Dylan, ugh...that's another post...

Jessica said...

Oh and Debbie, I'd totally list the contents of my yard on EBay, but then Bob would INSIST that we needed everything and couldn't bear to part with anything!

Elizabeth: The vacuums are old-school. Old Skool even. There is an Oreck though! :)