Sunday, October 19, 2008

Notes from a Baby Shower

The whole clan, Bob included, went to his little brother's girlfriend's baby shower this afternoon...

One of the games we played was the "identify the melted chocolate candy in the diaper" game.
First off, ew!
Melted Snickers totally looks like poo! I may never eat Snickers again!
Ok, I will. But not out of a diaper!

Secondly, diapers are SUPER chemically!! I'm really glad that we use cloth. It was really gross. I could barely tell if I was eating Milky Way or Three Muskateers because everything tasted like diaper chemicals. Yuck.

But here's the real story...

For most of the game Dylan was off running around and riding a scooter. He wasn't paying attention to us in the slightest nor did he realize that everyone was tasting candy from diapers.

When he finally came over to our table Bob showed him the Milky Way diaper and said, "Hey Dylan! Look at this!"

"(Insert sound of fake puking here)", Dylan said.
"Watch this Dylan!" Bob said, grabbing a spoon. "You want Daddy to eat the poo?"

"NO! NO NO NO!" Dylan screamed. He freaked out and started covering his face in horror.

Bob spooned up some "poo" and raised the spoon to his lips.
Dylan starting yelling, "No no no!" and had a mini-stroke.
Bob ate the "poo"!
Dylan trembled and his face screwed up in disgust and he ran away in such a horrible fright yelling...
"I can't like that! I can't like that!!"

It was so damn funny, we did it three more times.

PS: I totally tanked the chocolate poo game but won the "What flavor baby food is this?" game hands down. You can't whip a mother of three in that game. It wasn't even hard. I did half the list by sight alone. Cake-walk.


Andrea said...

The poo eating game sounds disgusting! We've only played it where you smell the candy diaper and even that is chemicaly. If Dylan ever tries to eat poo, you only have yourselves to blame!

Jessica said...

He was so incredibly disgusted by the whole thing, I'm not worried he'll try to repeat it!

This was him at 9 pm last night (WAAAY past bedtime by the way)

"Daddy ate the poo, and it was GROSS! It was ucky! It was (insert fake puking sound here). And Daddy ATE IT!"

Then again, he ran away in horror.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! "I can't like that!"

I played the candy diaper poo game once. Of course, I sucked at it, because all the candy tasted the same to me.

Jessica said...

Hurting my stomach with the laughter.

debdills said...

the eating of the diaper goodies would probably be too much and i'd run away like dylan!

i went to one shower where it was not eaten, but the diaper (which was cloth) and filling was zapped in the microwave for a few seconds.... that made things really interesting.