Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Scottsdale Weekend, Part III - Cocktail Party

After RailFair, we took some time to decompress and relax.
I rested my weary leg. Pooooor me. It really hurt, I was hobbled. It sucked.

Dylan and Elizabeth were bouncing off the walls so my mom got the key to the tennis courts and took them down there to run around safely. It was like a sporty zoo exhibit I'm sure.

While they were off burning off their energy, Ben and I took a much needed snooze together on the couch. It was a great nap.

Mom and the kids came back and they were nice enough to TRY not to wake me, but, it was inevitable.

So, I showered and we went down to the cocktail party.
Here's the fun part...I got carded!

I went back to our table, no drinks. My mom's face was quizzical.
"I got carded," I said.
She snorted a laugh and said "Happy 30th birthday!"
I had to walk ALL the way back up to our third floor room, get my license and come back down to get my silly margarita. I could hear my mom laughing the whole time!

"I'm so sorry!" the bartender said. "Was your room very far?"
"Nah! I could use the exercise anyway."

She checked out my ID, saw that I was the big 3-0 and handed the license back.
"Dang! You look good!"

I thanked her and took our margaritas back to our table.
Ah, feels good to still get carded, even at my old, ancient, decrepit age. :)

Now, the pix!


Andrea said...

Awesome that you got carded! Is Elizabeth drinking a daquiri in that picture? Someone should have carded her!

Jessica said...

Ha ha! No the kids had Shirley Temples and loved them.

The hotel we stayed at was literally right up the street from ASU, and the bartender said because of that they have to card anyone who might be 21 or under just to make sure they aren't serving 19 year olds...I was like, oh, you're going to make me blush!
I don't think I still look anywhere NEAR 19, but you know, all you girls still looked collegiate age to me in July, so...
Maybe Emerson GrassSide was the fountain of youth??

Andrea said...

I wish that it were! When I look carefully I can see laugh lines when I smile in the mirror. Kinda makes me want to smile less...