Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The juice is loose...

Ordinarily, I'd never ever take a picture** of the inside of my refrigerator.
For one, it's a sad mix of condiments, leftovers and WIC items. I love me my government cheese and milk.
For another, who takes pictures of the inside of their fridge?? This isn't "Cribs"
It's not all Cristal and Red Bull and Fiji Water in there.
Ok, there was one half empty Red Bull.

Tonight I made a special exception.

I was on the computer just a little while ago, when I heard a tiny voice say...

"Mom! There's an orange juice problem in the fridge! It's spilled!"

"Well grab a towel and wipe it up."

"It's too much! It's too much!" Elizabeth yelled.

Fully prepared to arrive at the scene of a vastly over-reported accident...I went into the kitchen, peeked into the fridge, and...

"OH MY LORD! Get towels, get every towel you can find!!!"

My darling son Dylan had knocked over an ENTIRE can of Donald Duck orange juice all over the fridge.
Starting at the top shelf, splashing over the inside of the door, drip drip dripping onto the shelves below and pooling ever so nicely in my veggie drawers.


I hurriedly removed every single thing from my refrigerator.
Wow. How long has that been in there?

Elizabeth was my item sorter (counter or trash) and towel hander (hurry hurry!).
It took eight towels, two crochet washcloths and a pillowcase to sop up the OJ.


I am SO buying a fridge lock.

**PS the picture of the fridge was taken after I cleaned up about HALF of the OJ...Notice how it pools in the veggie drawer...


Jessica said...

Love the post and especially love your labels. "Kids horrible" had me laughing for like 5 minutes straight. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I like "Stupid parents" myself.

Maribeth said...

oh how I hate when that happens.