Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Today is Elizabeth's first official school field trip!
The kids are getting a tour of the Show Low Fire Department, so fun.
Of course I'll be going along as a parent volunteer. The brothers will come along too, I asked Elizabeth if she wouldn't mind first!

After all, she does say that her favorite part of school is "getting away from my brothers"...

She's in her closet right now picking out just the right outfit for the field trip. There ARE potentially hunky firemen involved! I don't blame her for wanting to look extra fly.

And that's not ALL the excitement going down this week either!
On Friday the kids and I are packing up and heading down to Scottsdale for the weekend. My mom is meeting us there and we're all staying at a hotel and going to the zoo and hanging out.
My mom had this three day weekend and she wanted to actually go and do something instead of just staying home. So after ruling out a bunch of trips she could take by herself, she decided it would be the most fun to visit us! The drive all the way to our house is like nine hours from Simi though, a bit much for just a weekend.
But Phoenix/Scottsdale is only about five to six hours, totally doable.

We've done the Phoenix Meet-Up trip before. It's fun. My kids love staying in hotels.
In fact, the last time we did this, they thought the hotel was my mom's "other" house.
Elizabeth went on and on about how Nani has two houses...her regular house and her hotel house!

She's crazy!
So anticipate some cool field trip photos AND ZOO PIX!
Whoo hoo!

In other news:
Did anyone else watch the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors last night.
Dude. It was RAD.
I like all kinds of music, but I really love the hippity hop.
Snoopy Snoop-a-Loop is my dogg.
Anyway, they bestowed the Hip Hop Honors to, among others, Cypress Hill...ah memories.
My freshman year roommate and I would study for finals and listen to Cypress Hill. We were totally Insane in the Membrane.

In OTHER news:
I got my hair cut. Whoo wee! I had to take both the boys with me. Ben sat on my lap chillin'. Dylan spun around in a "salon" chair, illin'.
(I say "salon" because it was at WalMart, hey, $13 haircut. Can't beat it!)
Anyway, I'm just surprised that it came out straight considering all the "one-two-three-ing" I had to perpetrate on Dylan. The kid is crazy. He had this old lady getting a perm cracking up with his antics though.
Sidebar question: Why do all the old ladies get perms? Hmm.


debdills said...

i cannot wait for the post-field trip wrap up. Maybe Dylan will do something naughty and you'll faint and some hot firefighter will swoop in to save you. maybe that's just my dream.

you should take pictures. lots of pictures. if you could, get them in various states of undress....

As a kid, I could never figure out why my older sister always wanted to take me to the fire department every summer.... I think I get it now.

debdills said...

p.s. where's the photo of the cute new hairdo?