Sunday, October 05, 2008

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh, duh-nuh-nuh-nuh....

I'm totally ashamed totally not ashamed to admit that
a) I watch the new "90210" show and
b) Yeah, OK, I like it.

I just lost ALL my hard-earned street cred.

Oh well, I'm just keeping it real.

Like I've said before, I didn't start watching because I wanted to but rather because I took out a contract with my 12 year old self back in 1990 to be forevermore in love, in crazy crazy love, with all things "Beverly Hills, 90210"
Please, don't pretend like you didn't do it too.
You know who you are (ahem, Meredith)

I was totally devastated tonight when I learned that the itty-bitty child who plays NuBrandon...aka Dixon Wilson...on Nu90120 was born in July of 1989.
The original shiznit debuted on October 14, 1990....making NuBrandon just 15 MONTHS old at the time.

We're now talking about someone whose life was still measured (rightfully so, ahem Dooce) in MONTHLY INCREMENTS.

NuBrenda aka Annie Wilson aka Shenae Grimes, was also born in 1989. Ugh.

And, there it world is shattered.

At least the gal who plays Silver, Erin Silver (aka Jessica Stroup) was born in 1986, whereas the "real" (and I use those quotes heavily) Erin Silver was "born" in 1993 as far as I can tell....

That's in keeping with the 90210 tradition!
Everyone knows that Gabrielle "AAAAAAAHHHHHNdrea" Carteris was almost 30 when the series STARTED! She was born in 1961, and played ostensibly 17 year old AAAAAAAAHHHHHHNdrea Zuckerman in 1990.
Math, it's fun!

Do you think I could pass for a high school senior now that I'm 30?
Probably as well as Andrea Zuckerman, eh. Sigh.


Jessica said...

How in love was I with Dylan? Just the other night, Luke Perry was on a Law and Order SVU and it was still exciting. Even though he's kind of creepy now. But he was so cool. I'm a sucker for a cool guy.

On a side note, a few years ago I was shopping at a Pavillions in Beverly Hills and noticed "Nat" loading up on some fresh produce right across the way from me. I think I gasped with pleasure, which he may or may not have heard, as he turned toward me and looked me up and down and gazed grossly and suggestively while raising his eyebrows up and down. He was totally a dirty old man, and not in a cute or flattering way. More like if a homeless man did it. Sick. The Peach Pit will never be the same. :)

Jessica said...

how do you get to be a "cute" dirty old man?!? :)

I wonder when the NEW 90210 kids will start going to the know, Peach Pit After Dark

debdills said...

okay, I had to do some research to understand when I watched the show.... and I only watched the first two seasons, and that was barely. I never paid much attention to the college years, and had no clue that they ever graduated.

poor kelly - does she expose any of the trauma of the drive by? or the burns on the new show? that girl has had a rough life!

Did that show really survive ten years!?!? I had no idea!

i do really like the cheesy saxophone intro....

Jessica said...

I meant he wasn't appreciating my (obvious and evident) greatness in a cute way- you know, like tipping his hat, or saying something old-fashioned, or something else sweet and old-man-like. He was just gross and perv-like!