Wednesday, November 05, 2008

School is Stressful...and other things

Not for Elizabeth, for me.

On Monday when I dropped Elizabeth off at school I also had my first parent-teacher conference. It made me sort of nervous.

Thankfully, Elizabeth is great at school. The teacher said that Elizabeth is very smart, friendly, interested in school. She knows the rules and routines and follows them, she behaves well and is helpful and she's doing great.

Now, I've volunteered a few times in the class and the boys and I have stayed for lunch a few times, so I've seen Miss Elizabeth in action and saw that she was one of the more "together" kids. Some of the kids in her class are still learning how school works and can't seem to sit still for anything. These are mostly the younger kids and the boys. Sorry guys! You're all twitchy when you're 4 years old.

I was just glad that Elizabeth's evaluation was in line with how I thought she would and should be performing in class. It's nice to know that other people can see what you see in your kid, you know? Otherwise I might start to think I was delusional and she wasn't really as awesome as I think she is...thank goodness, that's not the case!

On Friday we're having a home visit from her teacher and the school director.
Not because we're special or terrible...all the students are getting home visits.

So, today I started cleaning, like, really cleaning, like super duper hands and knees vacuuming under the fridge cleaning.

Elizabeth's teacher said they don't come over to evaluate the cleanliness of the house, but I'm not taking any chances.

Besides, my house could probably use the attention. As my former roommates can attest, I'm not the worlds-best house cleaner. I'm faaar from the worst, but I'm certainly not the best.

I hate chores and chore charts, and I do terrible things to them. Messy, dangerous things.

So today is picking up all toys and vacuuming every floor and clearing off the kitchen counters of accumulated junk and reorganizing the shoe rack by the front door and dusting and reorganizing the bookshelves day.
We're about 30 percent done. It's going to be a long day. Oh, and laundry has to get done today too. Wow. It's going to be a loooong day.
I've been at it since 7 am, burning off all my pent-up election frustration.

Speaking of which...I stayed up until 11 pm EST watching the election returns come in. I was initially upset that the networks (all the networks) were calling states 10 seconds or less after the polls closed. I mean, they were calling New Mexico for Obama when the returns were still showing that McCain had a lead...that lead eventually went away and the state DID go to Obama, but still...

And before you post, yes I know that they have detailed maps of the precincts and exit polling and they have a pretty good idea demographically how each precinct is going to vote based on voter regs and all that and so they can look at what precincts have and have not reported and figure out pretty reliably how the vote totals are going to line up before they're even reported and thus can fairly accurately call states as the polls close....but still. It was ticking me off.

PS This electoral college thing is really irritating.

Elizabeth is happy though.
I told her this morning it was President Obama and she sat up in bed and said...

"My guy won?! Yay! I win, you lose, I win, you lose!"


eva said...

I'm pretty happy Elizabeth's guy won, too. ;)

Jessica said...

I knew if I posted about Obama you'd come out of the woodwork. :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You voted for McCain? I would not have guessed it. Did you vote to ban gay marriage too? This is making me reevaluate our internet friendship. (not too seriously, though. . .my BFF actually changed her facebook profile pic to Yes on 8, and well, we just don't talk about it).

Jessica said...

I did vote for McCain, but I voted against the gay marriage ban as did Bob...we figure it's none of our business if two gay dudes want to be husbands.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to my sister about the California gay marriage ban, and she said that a parent of one of her students said she was voting to ban gay marriage because "if the gays get married, our population will decrease."

Jessica said...

Just, wow.

Ann said...

because "if the gays get married, our population will decrease."

And that would be a bad thing???

debdills said...

i'm just happy i don't have to ever hear Jamie lee curtis and her cute little kids sing john lennon's "imagine" anymore.

as for the calling of states, i was extremely irritated. use your shades of gray every now and then. make it pink and baby blue for awhile. especially when only 2% (or worse!) of precincts were reporting.

CNN screwed up my election night in 2000 with that madness, and i was fearful that it would happen again.

Jessica said...

Yes Debbie. I had flashbacks to 2000.

Meredith said...

Eh, I'm just glad it's finally over. Living in a swing state, our days were filled with telemarketing-type political messages - many that interrupted naptime. I even got a nice one from Sarah Palin.

Brendan also liked to say 'Bama...guess these kids know how to call an election!

Jessica said...

My SIL told Elizabeth that if she likes Barack she's a Democrat. So Elizabeth told me, "Mom, I'm a Democrat!"

I said, "You don't even know what that means!"

"Yes I do! It means Mr. Rock O'Bama!"