Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a day!

We had another awesome day yesterday...

I woke up at 8 am and all three kids were in the baby's crib. Don't ask. They weren't pinching him or laying on him, and it was cute enough. Though I did tell them that they PROBABLY shouldn't get into the crib with the baby anymore. And I didn't take a picture because I've found that encourages them to further misbehave...yeah, that's what does it, the photographic evidence of their prior bad acts.

After breakfast I did some work on the computer while the big kids played "Customer" out Elizabeth's bedroom window and the baby napped.
"Customer" works like this. Elizabeth stands inside her room and opens the window. She has no screen. It's lovely.
Dylan goes out onto the front deck and "stands in line" at the open window like a customer. Then he orders chicken nuggets and coffee. She hands him a toy from her room. He says thank you, she says have a nice day. Then they switch places.
It's quite funny.

That went on for a good hour. Ah to be so young and so easily entertained!

It's been cold here lately, high 40s during the day, so it took about an hour to find all the winter accoutrements for the kids' outfits and another half hour to find matching socks for everyone. Curse you runaway socks! Everyone is getting socks for Christmas, all the same size and all white. Then ALL the socks will match!

Finally we got into the car and headed to Elizabeth's school, late, as usual.
The boys fell asleep on the way so I ran inside without them to sign Elizabeth into class. It was like two minutes. They were fine. Don't panic.

I had a lunch "date" with some gals from my old job and some of their kids at the very exclusive and fancy McDonalds Playland. Oh yeah. I roll like that.

By the time we got there, Dylan had sweated so much sleeping in his winter coat that his hair was all wet and plastered to his head. Very nice look. He ate about 1.5 chicken nuggets, leaving the other 2.5 to be nibbled up by my pregnant friend Mandi. Preggo girls do NOT waste food.

We were at the playland for about an hour and a half burning off the pound of Hershey Kisses that Dylan stole from the candy bowl that morning running around and playing.
Then the boys and I were off to WalMart where I shopped like a lightning bolt, then waited in an interminable line. Sigh.
I had to beg the cashier lady to let me get my WIC items without my WIC folder. Anyone who has ever been on WIC knows what I mean. They are militant about that folder! Even though I had my ID and my WIC checks with MY name on them, she was like, "I'm not supposed to do this, I have to verify your signature."

I'm like DUDE, it's ME! How would I find WIC checks with my exact name on them and then steal them? It's improbable at best.

What I actually said was "Please please I need that milk and eggs! Oh please! I'll never tell!"

And she saw my pathetic begging and took pity.

After that I called my sister in law to check on my niece who had her tonsils out that morning. She was doing fine, eating yogurt.
I also texted my brother in law who had his OWN tonsils out that same morning. More on that later.

Then we went to have snack with Elizabeth's class. Here's where it gets, eh, interesting.

I'm standing there holding the baby while Dylan runs around and plays with the kids, totally normal. Then ONE of the kids in her class, the bad one who shall not be named, had some trouble making good choices right in front of my eyes.

First he laid on a kid and kicked him in the armpit.
I said "Hey 'Bad Kid' I don't think he likes that, you need to get off of him" but I WANTED to say "What the hell is the matter with you!??"

Elizabeth's little friend told me "He's really really bad. Don't talk to him. Just ignore him. He's a bad kid. You shouldn't talk to him."
I thought it was sweet that she was trying to protect me from the little bastard. Actually, I think his parents ARE married. But that's neither here nor there.

After snack was finished, The Bad Kid walked up to Elizabeth and just pushed her down. For no reason. She spilled her cup of water all over and started to cry.
So I grabbed the kid by the shirt and tossed him out the window.


I said. "Hey BAD KID! That is NOT NICE! She doesn't like to be pushed down."
And in response, he looked straight at me and arm barred another little girl right behind him. Just slammed his arm right into her throat.

Then the teacher grabbed him up by the shirt and threw him out the window.


But she did grab him and make him sit in her lap while she held him.
What a little freak!

There's a parents meeting tonight and I think I'm going to have to say something about this kid. I mean, how much out of control violent behavior do all the other kids have to endure before someone gets this kid out of this class? Clearly he doesn't function well in the school environment.

I feel bad for his parents, but dang, this kid is a nuisance, a distraction and frankly a danger to the other children. I'm just not sure that there's much the school can do about it.
Do schools HAVE to let violent little bastards kids who have trouble making good choices stay in class?

I don't know.

So, after that we left and my sister in law called me to tell me that her brother (who I previously mentioned had just gotten his tonsils out) was not waking up from his anesthesia and was in the ICU at the hospital. Holy crap!

I called Bob and told him to go visit his brother.
He did and reported back that yes, he was still asleep (about five hours post surgery) but the doctors said that sometimes people with sleep apnea sleep for-freaking-ever after surgery. Hmm. Interesting fact.

After Bob got home I told him about the Bad Kid pushing Elizabeth down. He got a very serious look on his face and said "I'm gonna kick that kid!"
Instead of child abuse though, we agreed that we would have to speak to the teachers about this. I know they're exasperated with this kid too,'s not like they aren't aware.

Then I made dinner, a lovely recipe for Tomato-Apple Chicken which is delicious. Bob opened the pan and said "Are those apples?"
"Apples and chicken?"
"Oh SORRY! I'll just make frozen burritos and pizza from now on!" I said, totally NOT overreacting!

"I just won't eat the apples."
Then I pouted for about an hour. It was hard work.
Then I did my football picks (AMY!) then we all got ready for bed.

We got updates from my brother in law's wife from time to time last night, basically that he was still sleeping but doing fine. This morning at 7:30 he called here himself to say that he had finally woken up at 9 pm last night, about 10 hours after surgery, and was being discharged this morning. Phew!

He said he was feeling good, but yikes! That was a bit scary for us!
Hopefully today will be less exciting!


Anonymous said...

I remember playing "customer" with my sister too, except it was McVernell's. Twice when we drove up to Canada, we went to Vernell's candy factory in Washington. They gave us little white caps and free candy. Back at the campground, my sister would sit in the car, and I would come up to the McVernell's window and order candy. Then she'd give it to me, and then of course give it back to play again. Then my dad came along, and he ATE my sister's candy, which left her in tears, my mom yelling, my dad laughing, and the game over.

What if the teacher DID throw the kid out the window, and everybody pretended not to notice. AT least my kids will be a little gang together. I will teach them that if one is in trouble, the other two must attack. And then of course I will have to deny that I EVER taught them that, and blame it on a built-in mob mentality.

Anonymous said...

Oh, meat and hot fruit, or just hot fruit. . . that is a no-no in my house as well. And sometimes I "forget", and just say "cook dinner yourself next time." And then hot fruit is pushed to the side, and all is well in Newmanland.

Jessica said...

I'm glad it's not just MY kids who are totally nuts. They play customer over the kitchen counter too, with the server in the kitchen and the customer in the dining room...weirdos. They use poker chips for money.

I sort of wish the teachers WOULD throw him out the that bad?

Oh, and you'll love is Bob's exact quote as I sulked...

"You know I don't eat hot fruit"

That's what she said.

Anonymous said...

That is EXACTLY what David says. Every time.

Anne Marie said...

So many thoughts on this post... #1 That kid makes me SO MAD! Tell Elizabeth we totally have her back from hundreds if miles away... and good luck at the parent conference. Keep us posted on how it goes. #2 Our kids call it "Drive Thru" and they ride up on their bikes and trikes to any low window in the house. It is an awesome game that is entertaining for hours! #3 I think the chicken and apples sounds delicious- but it would totally go over the same in my house. It's right there with, "No fruit in the salad, no fruit in the beer." Does Corona and lime REALLY count as fruit in the beer?

Jessica said...

Hilarious post, as usual. Also, check out my post from today. I'm no longer a 'Saying-Booper'- Virgin; I used it for the first time today!!!

Jessica said...

Jess: Booper is the greatest word. It also has a verb form, as in...
"Do NOT open that candy until the lady boops it!"

I know you have no kids yet, but maybe Dave need the reminder from time to time?? :)

AM: I too am so angry at the little child who makes bad choices.
It's not his fault, blah blah, but still...something has to be done.

PS on the hot fruit: What IS the matter with guys?? No fruit in salad? Strawberries and spinach salad is delicious! Waldorf salad (with apples) is fantastic! The little mandarin oranges in salad? A delight!
men are weird.
AND I told Bob during the Hot Fruit Discussion of 2008 that they even make apples and chicken BABY food so it's totally ok. He didn't believe it so I went out and GOT the apples and chicken baby food jar just to prove my point.

debdills said...

i don't know if I could do fruit and meat. i do like applesauce and pork chops... and fruit in salad. but hot fruit and meat? hot fruit? yes. meat? yes. hot fruit and meat together? I'm hesitant.

although i do love tomatoes with everything, including meat, and technically it's a fruit.

if anyone has a good recipie for fruit and meat, lemme know.

Jessica said...

i have lots i just never can make them!