Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dylan Has Been Hilarious Lately

Just a snippet of his hilarity...

I said, Dylan you need to put pants on...

"I can't!" he cried. "Pants make me sick!"

This morning Elizabeth was saying "There is the boys room and there is the girls room" referring to their bedrooms. And "There is the boys and girls room" referring to OUR bedroom.

Dylan pipes up with "And THERE is the bathroom!"

We were at Elizabeth's school yesterday and one of the teachers walked by Dylan and said "Hey there Dude!"

Dylan started crying and said "I'm NOT DUDE! I'm just DYLAN!!"


Tigerlilly said...

So I had to get the internet in order to keep up with your crazy life!

Glad you are not spending Christmas in is so not your style!

Jessica said...

I know, it's a ridiculous time for all of us...but for me especially!

You and me and ASAP!