Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Holiday Haze

Things are happening around here, but I've been so freaking busy lately!
We hosted the Christmas Eve gift exchange. We set the arrival time for noon. Noone showed up until almost 2 pm, which was fine since we scheduled the turkey to come out of the oven at 3. All those hungry people pounced on the food as soon as it was ready, so yeah, maybe making everyone wait three hours for food would have been a bad idea!

We also had shrimp enchiladas since my mom doesn't eat meat on Christmas Eve, the last vestige of her otherwise long abandoned Catholicism.
PS: The enchiladas were a hit, by the way.

The gift exchange was delayed CONSIDERABLY since my father in law didn't show up until past 6 pm....grr. It was annoying but ended up not mattering, though everyone didn't leave until after 9 pm and by then I was so tired....

The kids each got great presents which they haven't stopped playing with since Christmas Eve. Naturally, they are each enraptured with the others' toys, particularly the baby toys. They're just so darn cheery and colorful!

So that's the quick update!
Merry Christmas!

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