Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay Snow!

We got about 5 inches of snow Saturday night, which made Sunday a fun day!
Bob groomed up our sledding hill and we prematurely gave the kids one of their Christmas presents, saucer sleds!

Dylan even went down the hill all by himself this year, multiple times! It was a big improvement over LAST year when he stood at the top of the hill whining about hating snow and didn't even want to touch snow so he had to stand in a bucket and eventually he went back inside to watch Spongebob...
But not this year. This year he was FUN!

Naturally Bob had a lot of fun too and I even went down the hill a few times...once as rescue patrol when Dylan really biffed!

The snow was mostly powdery but there was an underlayer of frozen slush, since the snow started out as freezing rain Saturday night.
It's supposed to start again today but since the temps yesterday hovered around freezing we've still got lots of white stuff on the ground...and on the cars...and everywhere.

When we woke up yesterday we had no power, and thus, no cable, no phone, no internet!!! I had to make coffee by boiling water and pouring it over the coffee grounds. Ugh. It was horrible coffee!
About two hours later the power was back on, but still no cable services. Since we cable = no phone and internet too.


While Bob ventured into town for last minute supplies the kids and I watched the classic "Frosty the Snowman" DVD, which Elizabeth calls "Smokey the Snowman"

"Smokey the Snowman/Was as high as he could be/And the children say/He could roll a J/Just as fast as you and me"

I just made that up!
Wow, even I'm impressed with me.

Anyway...yeah, Smokey the Snowman.

I took a break from making hats to make a crocheted nativity scene. It came out really cute. The kids are using it like action figures. It's funny.

I should really get back to the hats now...

Pic added: This is a BBQ on the table on our front porch.

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debdills said...

love the nativity scene!

as for coffee.... invest in a coffee press.... (and a grinder?)... they are great whilst camping (and thus when the power goes out yet you are still able to boil water...)

and where are the pics? I need to see the snow to vicariously live through your winter!