Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dylan Is Three!

Can you believe it? I cannot believe it!

He had a nice birthday day of celebration. Starting with waffles for breakfast...or rather syrup for breakfast and a side of waffles. Then we went bowling where he drew the ire of the very shady alley attendants. He has very poor form. I'm being kind.
He crossed the foul line at least six times, dropped the ball twice, tried to bowl down the wrong lane, got the ball stuck halfway down the lane twice (one time the ball actually started rolling BACK to him) and SOMEHOW still got a strike and beat his sister by three pins.

I did not have fun bowling with him, but he had fun, so I suppose that's all that matters.

After one game (I really couldn't take any more) we (me, Dylan, Elizabeth, Ben and my mom) went to lunch at Mateo's Mexican. Very good food. For $3.75 the kids each got a huge basket of fries and 10 chicken nuggets. We brought almost half the nuggets home with us!

In the interest of full disclosure...I had grilled fish tacos, mom had a shrimp enchilada, Ben had beans and rice and chips and fries and whatever else got sent his way.

Dylan flirted with the waitress, of course, and told the whole restaurant "It's my BIRTHDAY!"

When we were sitting waiting for our food Dylan said "Look at all these people! They're all here for my birthday party!"

It was quite cute.

Then the party continued on with an ill-advised stop at WalMart. Remind me please that I never ever can go to WalMart on the first Friday of the month. It's NUTS. Everyone got their Social Security checks and food stamps and went buckwild.

There were like one million people just in MY line. And I was in self-checkout!

PS to the families who feel it's necessary to bring EVERY member of the family to WalMart to grocery's not necessary. Grandma would rather watch her programs. Those sulky teenagers have whippets to do. Leave everyone home.

I actually saw a teenager racing through the store pushing two kids in a shopping cart. Then I saw a dude throw a nerf ball at some lady. He hit her in the back. I'd have slapped a fool.

It was chaos.

I was on line for 20 minutes to buy ONE Thomas Train set toy and a pack of rechargable batteries. Twenty minutes!

We also bought Elizabeth some standard headphones for her walkman. She's very happy now. She calls them phoneheads.

After ChaosMart, we came home. I frosted Dylan's birthday cake (with custom colored blue frosting) and decorated it with leftover cookie gels and Cars candies.
I debated whether to write Happy Birthday P-O-I-S, but ended up with plain old Dylan.

The family came over for pizza at 5 pm and by then I was starting to get a cold, so I was less friendly than I normally would have been. Plus, my brothers in law were talking about homosexuals and Barack Obama and hunting...snore.

The house cleared out at around 7:30 and we started putting together Dylan's new Hot Wheels! He loves it. His grandpa bought it for him, calling me from the store to inform me that he was picking "the noisiest one I can find"
He succeeded!

The kids stayed up until around 9 pm, pestering their Nani with the 47 Matchbox cars that Dylan got.

Then the blister that Dylan got from touching the woodstove popped and blood got everywhere and he FREAKED out.
Then everyone went to bed and I stayed up to watch "Mr. Brooks" with Kevin Costner as a psycho killer.
Bob wanted NO part of it. I'm still not sure if I liked it or not. I'll get back to you.

And that was the birthday day! Exciting and eventful.
I can't believe my boy is three.


Anonymous said...

Um, I feel I must point out, that didn't YOU bring the entire fam to Wal-Mart? Just sayin'.

Jessica said...

True, but I had no choice! Believe me, when they are old enough to stay home I shall shop alone. All alone!

eaf said...

Happy Birthday, P-O-I-S. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA. You shoulda done it.

And I was thinking the same thing as Amy about the whole WalMart thing. But I do believe that had you HAD a choice, you would have been there to enjoy the chaos totally alone, you selfish woman.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!

Jessica said...

I totally admit to being selfish....when I can.....

Anne Marie said...

Give Dylan a B-Day hug from us, and it totally sucks that he got a wood stove blister for his b-day. I'm still waiting for one of mine to test out how hot the stove can get...

Susie said...

happy birthday Dylan!!

Jessica said...

AM: I guarantee that one of them will test it out. Bob showed our kids how to toss snowballs onto the woodstove and watch them boil and dissolve away....sigh. That led to the touching of the woodstove.