Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I Will and Will Not Miss....

The prospect of moving is very terrifying and exciting. It makes me remember all the great and not-so-great aspects of living in California and makes me ponder all the great and not-so-great aspects of living in Arizona....

Here's my list...

Things I Will Miss When We Leave Arizona

Clear starry nights
The first snow day
Ponderosa Pines
Monsoon thunderstorms and lightning shows
Bald Eagles on frozen lakes
Christian, my nephew
Catching a glimpse of elk in the front yard
El Rancho

Things I Will NOT Miss at All!

90+ degree summers without air conditioning
Dirty sooty woodstove
The 47th snow day and all the slush
Monsoon rains
Being broke as hell
Driving 22 miles round trip JUST to go to the grocery store
The sad sorry excuse for Chinese food
Total lack of activities for the kids

Things I Can't Wait for In California

Being able to get my kids together with my friends' kids
Seeing my friends more than once every four years
Good jobs for me and Bob!
Maybe going to grad school
Sacramento Zoo
Enrolling Elizabeth in a gymnastics class
Driving one mile to a grocery store and not needing an ice cooler in my trunk for shopping!
Air conditioning!
Not having to drive in the snow!
Baja Fresh!

What am I forgetting?


Susie said...

mmmm baja fresh!

I was just thinking about the rice bowl place the other day.

Jessica said...

The one in Simi....god I love that place.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there was a zoo in Sacramento. Is it new? We always went to the SF Zoo, or that Fairyland Park in Oakland. David will be pumped to take the girls in 7 years, which is the first time he says we will voluntarily be stepping foot on a plane again.

Jessica said...

Nope not 80 years old!

Jessica said...

I'm having all these apprehensive thoughts about moving....ugh...I hate indecisiveness.