Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few bad days....

So while Bob was out of town I didn't get to exercise as much as I want to, I was waaay more worn out from dealing with the kids solo and I ate whatever I could grab.


I ate Beefaroni. Ugh. It made me feel sick.

Of course, now I feel all dejected and depressed about that since I'm determined to not turn 31 and still be all baby fat and lumpy. Blech.

BUT! Instead of moping around and eating Pop Tarts, I'm going to get back into the groove and work out today and not sneak in high calorie foods and then "forget" to log them on my calorie counter.


Why am I sabotaging my own success??


Tigerlilly said...

Put your gazelle in the living room where you can watch the kids in the other room! I usually grab a movie they havent seen in awhile and have them sit down and watch it. That gives me at least an hour to get a good workout in!

Your funny. I do better when hubby isn't around!!

Jessica said...

I just got in an hour workout and feel great!