Friday, January 02, 2009


Elizabeth was born with a ventricular septal was small, and apparently a pretty common birth defect. She got checked out by the cardiologist and we were advised to just keep a trained eye on that VSD and it would probably close on its own.
And it did. She's never had a moments trouble from that VSD.

She was born with another apparently relatively common birth defect too. Elizabeth has a cup ear.
Basically, the little triangular-ish flap of cartilage that is supposed to be standing in front of her ear hole is instead squished up against it. When she was born the nurses and doctors thought it was probably just swollen tissue from being all cramped up in the womb. But the ear never popped out the way it's supposed to have done.
Looking at her, you'd never know. She doesn't look like a freak or anything. It's just a little funny anomaly. It doesn't affect her hearing or anything. It's never been a problem at all....

Until Christmas.

My mom bought each of the big kids their own portable CD players. When Elizabeth got hers out and tried to put in the just wouldn't stay in her ear. The one on the side of what we call her "Crazy Ear"

Oh, my heart broke!
Not because she's not able to jam a tiny speaker into her ear, because most likely her ear will eventually grow bigger and she will be able to pollute her brain with whatever garbage music kids listen to in 2017 and wear those stupid Bluetooth headsets that make EVERYONE look douchey.

My heart was breaking because she just couldn't understand why her headphones wouldn't work. I told her to just hold it up to her ear, but she decided she'd rather share with her brother. So they sat next to each other on Dylan's bed and listened to her music. One ear bud in Elizabeth's non-crazy ear and one in Dylan's ear.

It was so precious.

I told her I'd figure out a way that she could wear both ear buds...but now I can't think of anything!

ps: see in the pic how the middle of her ear and the little flap of skin closest to her cheek are sort of flat???


Tigerlilly said...

I know there not as cool as ear buds, but what about the old fashioned headsets?

Jessica said...

Yes...that is an option...if they even still MAKE those!

PS, I saw your latest "After" pics.
Dayum girl!

Anonymous said...

They do still make the old fashioned ones, get her the super big ones that totally cover her ears. Those ear buds hurt anyway. Oh, or maybe you can get her the ear buds that come with the little arm over them, like the bluetooth headsets. Then at least it will hold the bud *near* her ear.

Jason said...

Just tell her she's a mutant and will likely develop super-powers when she's a teenager.