Thursday, February 19, 2009


Monday morning Elizabeth informed me that her ear hurt "so so so so so bad"
She also said she had a headache. To me, she did not feel feverish so I asked her...

"Do you want to go to the doctor?"
"Even if you have to get a shot, you still want to go?"
"Yes! It huuuuuuuurts!!"

With the recent history of ear infections in our house, I took this complaint very seriously. Even though Monday was supposed to be our day to stay home and do nothing, I bundled up all three kids and we went to the Urgent Care instead.

Now, I gotta say, one of the advantages to living in BFE Nowhere is that there is hardly ever any wait at Urgent Care. This was the case on Monday, which was a blessing, since Dylan was crazy, Ben was crabby and Elizabeth well, she mysteriously was cured of her terrible ear pain and was running around the waiting room with her brother. Weird.

We got back into the exam room fairly quickly. The kids immediately started fighting over who would get to sit where. This happens every time we go to the doctors office. See, they have those really fun rolling chairs. Both kids want desperately to sit on the rolling chair. They are very dangerous.
I've established a "Noone sits on the rolling chair except the doctor!" policy. So instead they fight over who gets to spin the rolling chair.
I try to stop them, but I lose all my energy and instead I just go to my happy place.

So, the PA comes in to check out her ears. Surprise! They're so jammed with earwax he can't even see the eardrum!
Two very nice nurses come in and execute a fantastic earwax irrigation technique which sent two huge chunks of goo flowing right out of Elizabeth's ears. One giant chunk for each tiny ear.
But neat.
I couldn't resist looking at the wax chunks. About the size of an apple seed. Sick!

Then with the pathway clear, the PA was able to see that yes, there's a slight infection in the right ear. Another surprise!

RX: Antibiotics
Official DX:
Impacted cerumen
Otisis Media

Sounds so much more serious than slight ear infection huh?

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