Thursday, March 26, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12: Fourth Elimination

Previously on the ANTM recap I said:
Will Kortnie finally get kicked off the show already! She's horrible!


This week is posing Benny Ninja style! Fantastic!
I also had a guest recapper since we're staying at my mom's house and Survivor was a recap show last night.
About halfway into Benny Ninja's spiel about posing I caught mom rolling her eyes.
"You have to watch it like it's a comedy! Then it makes sense."

She tried. She really tried.

Music and fashion pose off...go!
They faced off in two groups of five, from which a winner was chosen and then the two winners faced off in a show down. Group one's winner was Celia, natch. Group two was won by Natalie! Atta girl!
A major wardrobe malfunction (too tall shoes!) resulted in Natalie losing and Celia, bleh, winning.
I asked my mom which girl she thought was best.

I had no favorite. They were all superfluous

I told you, she tried

After the pose off, Tahlia whined and complained that she wanted to quit. Celia interviewed for the camera about it saying, "Good! Go! Leave!"

I guess Tahlia whines a lot.
She annoys me and I only see her for an hour every week.

The photo shoot concept was actually really cool and for once I was really excited to see how the shots would turn out. The girls were to portray an immigrant mother at Ellis Island surrounded by her kids and husband, played by Benny Ninja. Awesome.
Also, they used an old-timey camera so the girls had to remain totally still. More awesome.

Sandra's attempt was deemed boring. Fo, Teyona, Tahlia and Celia were "good". Natalie did OK and Aminat apparently forgets that she has a face.
Allison seemed to have done the best and I either wrote "bomb" or "barb" for London...which makes sense two ways in one case and not at all in the other. Did she bomb, or was she da bomb? Can't remember.

For this panel I think the fix was in. I thought Kortnie's shot was the best but the panel loved Tahlia's which I thought was WAAAAY over the top too modelly and I hated it! Let's see how it turns out!

Sandra, Fo, Celia and Kortnie apparently just didn't connect with the concept of the shoot, or at least didn't translate an understanding to film. The panel called them "disconnected" or "dead". I agreed, for the most part. The pictures where EVERYONE is looking at the camera except the model did look weird, at least in the context of what the shoot was supposed to be about...however...whatever.

Celia was absolutely the worst shot. She got totally upstaged by the kid in the back. Bummer.

Call out order
Top Five
Tahlia (are you freaking kidding me!)

Bottom Five

In the end, Kortnie was sent home, fulfilling my wish from last week even though I thought she was good this week. Ah well. Buh bye pseudo plus sized model. Size 10 is plus sized? Whatever.

Oh, but wait!
After Tyra tells the girls it's buh bye Kortnie, CELIA decides she needs to up the ante and tells Tyra and the panel that Tahlia has been bitching all week that she wants to go home. Tyra ripped off her weave and told that beeyotch to step back in line and shut her piehole.

She's got fierce poses and fab photos but also that big saggy old mouth just trying to start trouble, nuh uh Celia. This is Tyra's world, you're just living in it. That girl is 25 years old, she should know better than to tattle!

I predict trouble.

Coming up next week...
A contestant's shocking admission leaves the house divided; the contestants re-create Tyra's famous poses.

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