Monday, March 02, 2009

March? Already?!?

This time next week Elizabeth will be turning five years old and I will be crumpled in a heap sobbing and wondering where the time has gone.

March has really snuck up on me this year. Last weekend I was talking about getting her party details together and I said "you know we have time, it's like three weeks away."
No no, said my's NEXT WEEKEND!


So yeah I'm a little unprepared for this, plus it's supposed to rain so that kills the whole party in the park thing we were planning. Sigh.
Now I have to scramble to find an alternate location, probably the go-to party place up here, the pizza parlor.

Whatever we end up doing it will be fun and great, because Elizabeth is fun and great and she carries that spirit with her in all she does. Except cleaning up after herself, she does that with a spirit of vengeance and furious rage.

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