Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Houdini

Yesterday after the doctor debacle, I was chatting with my sister in law on the phone and tidying up the house. Ben was sitting in the dining room in his pajama jumper, and sitting there right next to him was a poopy diaper. Ew.

"Why am I looking at a poopy diaper in the middle of the dining room floor?" I asked out loud.
Noone answered.
I picked up the poopy diaper and tossed it into the pail. Then I picked up the baby. He was surprisingly non-fluffy in the bum area.

"What the heck?" I said.
I laid him down across the top of the couch. His PJs were still fully snapped.
I unsnapped them and lo and behold, the baby was going commando under there!

How he did it, I'll never understand, but he somehow got his diaper loose and completely off of his body without removing his clothes at all.



Kenna said...

Aren't they amazing...babies:)

Jessica said...

Incredible! I'm still flabbergasted.

Andrea said...

OK, you said the diaper was did he get the diaper off without removing his clothes AND without getting poop all over himself? If he did I am truly amazed!

Jessica said...

Andrea, that is PRECISELY what happened. He had poop on his rump, where you'd expect it obviously. And there was a teensy spot of poop on the PJs, but that's it.
I'd have expected him to look like he was inside a port-a-potty that tipped over.
But nope.
It was definitely some sort of miracle. I should have called the Pope.

eaf said...

I have to sincerely agree that the fact he got it off without poop being everywhere is the far more impressive feat. After all, there are many times I assist in the removal of a poopy diaper... clothes off and everything and the end result is poop EVERYWHERE. You have a brilliant child there. And clean!