Thursday, April 30, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12: Ninth Elimination

Last week, my fave Natalie got the boot. Dang!
This week:
Finally it's time for go-sees! I expect a lot of footage inside cabs, girls running around like crazy and some bitchy designers not loving our final five.

Check, check, check!
And of course the first rule of go-sees is get yourself booked. The second rule of go-sees is DO NOT ARRIVE BACK LATE. You cannot be late! At all! Not even one minute!

After 11 prior seasons of this, these girls should know this.
However, Celia and Fo both showed up late after the go-sees. They thought they were safe though when the designer's assistant ushered the whole pack up to the roof for a helicopter ride...but surprise!!
Celia and Fo got punk'd! They ain't riding in a helicopter! Their bitch asses were late. DQed!

Catch a cab hos.

Teyona ended up winning the go-see challenge and got some clothes from each of the five designers who were booking, or not booking, the girls that day.
I still don't get the Teyona appeal, but whatever.

Next the girls are doing a sexy bathing suit photo shoot with the lovely Nigel Barker, fashion photographer extraordinaire. And a hot former model in his own right. Mmmm. Nigel.

Aminat has a banging bikini body, but doesn't bring it to set.
Fo is being repeatedly criticized for being too short, commercial looking and disingenuous. Which leads to the point, models wearing not their own clothes in fake and outlandish situations, taking crazy pictures to sell products we don't need....but they must look "real". Confusing.

Moving on.
Allison worked the set, showed off her bikini bod, and was awesome.
Teyona is proclaimed a great model while Celia over-rehearsed her poses and is coming off posey and removed.

At panel Tyra reveals how many jobs each girl booked at the go-sees. Teyona booked all three jobs she went to. Celia got 3 of 4. Aminat, 2 of 3. Allison whose photo was kick ass, only booked 1 of 4 jobs, which surprises Tyra...but not those of us who saw her dreadful attempt at catwalk.
Fo the Formerly Fierce not only looks like a troll in her picture, but she booked no jobs despite making it to five go-sees.

The callout order is no surprise.

Leaving Celia the Old and Fo the Formerly Fierce in the bottom two.
Despite being desperately over the hill, at 25, Celia is spared and Fo is chopped from the competition for being too short and not knowing how to work her stumpy body in photo shoots.

If Celia is old and Fo is short, then I am an ancient midget in Tyra's eyes.


Jason said...

Wanted to respond to your twitter, but since I don't tweet...

Actually, The Somali pirates would be 'corsairs'. 'Buccaneers' refers to Caribbean pirates.

Now that book I read last summer is totally worth it.

Jessica said...

Thanks for clearing that up!
So watch out Pittsburgh Pirates? I guess?