Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12: Seventh Elimination


Another crappy week for the recap!

My mom is in town and I totally forgot that ANTM comes on here at 7 pm...

Rest assured, I caught the very end.

Bottom Two:
Aminat and London

London was sent home for not having the "face" in person and in pictures. Though in the exit interview it seemed that London attributed her expulsion to having gained weight.

My question...where?!?!
Anyway...better recap to follow!


Andrea said...

Oh yes, you missed the episode where everyone pointed out to her how fat she had gotten. Even she said "I have gained a lot of weight since I've been here." Apparently she gained 10-15 pounds.

Jessica said...

I saw that last week, in between the kids' "emergencies"
When that snooty Paulina told London to not wear shorts because they are "unflattering" implying that she's a thunder thighs or something....

But still, she doesn't even look REMOTELY fat to me. At all.