Friday, May 08, 2009

I am a slacker on this blog this week!

Just so there's not two ANTM recaps back to back....

This week I registered Elizabeth for kindergarten. Sad. AND it makes me feel older than I actually am. Maybe that's just because my mom was five years older than I am now when I started kindergarten so that's my reference. Did that make any sense? I have a headache flu.

After that depressing incident...I realized that Ben is turning one next Tuesday. So my number one baby in real school AND my babyest baby is not a baby anymore?!?!

Also this week, perhaps because he sense I was losing my mind, Bob FINISHED THE BATHROOM!!!

It's totally done, finally!

Whooooooooooo hoo!
Ben took the inaugural bath this morning. Faboosh!

Today the kids and Bob (minus Ben) are going to buy the plants for our veggie garden. Yay!
I hope they get Early Girls!
And that's about it.
Next two weeks are gonna be crazy. Balls out crazy!
Last two weeks of school....trying to potty train Dylan once and for all. Cleaning out closets. Sorry mama.
Fun stuff.


Kenna said...

My mom was 5 years older than I am when I started Kindergarten,

Nice bathroom....right on!

Jessica said...

It's a 300% improvement over both what it started out as and where it was two weeks ago when you were here.

Anonymous said...

Uh, how about my mom was 10 years YOUNGER than me when she had her first kid. Does that make you feel younger?

Does finished bathroom = no California move?

Jessica said...

Not directly, but everything is on hold for now. Am I happy, sad? Not sure yet.