Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I smell like this because....

Confession time!!
I usually will only take a shower every other day. The reasons are threefold:
One, more frequent showers in our hard water turns my skin to ash
Two, during the looooong cold winters it's too dang cold to shower every day. I've had my hair literally freeze!
and Three, I have to get up very early to get in a shower before the rugrats wake up and I am NOT a morning person. At all. In any way.

So yeah. As per my usual, I did not take a shower yesterday and fully expected to get in a quick shower this morning before Ben's checkup.
Yeah. No.

The best laid plans of mice and men, eh?

Last night I gave the kids a bath and noticed that even though the brand new bathtub had only been used once before, the water was already brownish even before I put the kids in there. Hmmmm. Ah well, no biggie.

Then this morning I wake up and the water pressure is zilch.
Not even enough to refill the toilet tank. Which is NOT good.

So I called our water company and got a line of bullshit, which I didn't realize was bullshit at the time but now I know it was a total crock of bs!

I mean, why would the water have dirt in it LAST NIGHT if the water "company" claims that the construction workers just hit a main this morning? AND why were there construction workers out digging up road that WASN'T BEING WORKED ON??????

Fishy fishy stuff.
Anyway, shady companies are par for the course here. And we're used to water main breaks. After all the last time the county workers actually WERE working on the road they tore up a main too.

But I digress......
I did NOT get my shower today. And so an overly hairsprayed ponytail got me through the day of errands, school, paperwork, grocery shopping...ugh

What a mess.


Jessica said...

I am always hesitant (i.e. it never happens) to tell people that I only wash my hair every other day. I have this belief that everybody else in the world washes theirs every day, but I HATE washing and drying my hair, and it looks fine if I go a day in-between. I'm glad I'm not alone!

Jessica said...

You just told the whole world*

I think in between day hair is sometimes better! It takes product better, for sure!

*the small, infinitesimal portion of the world population who reads this blog!

Meredith said...

I try to shower every night, but it SO does not always happen. It relaxes me before bed, and is my "alone" time. But I love when my hair is dirty - it is so dry that it takes forever to get oily and gross. I could probably go a week without washing! Oh, and a water main broke here this morning. I hope the water comes back on for my night shower!

Jessica said...

I figure those of you that I have told do not live close enough to desire to sniff my head to see if it's an in-between day or not. Sadly, I use no product, so that can not be an excuse. And doubly sadly, it doesn't look better on in-between days, but probably the same or flatter. Nope, it's just laziness. But shhhhh! Don't tell anyone.

On a side note, now that I am gigantically pregnant, even showering at all is very difficult. I can't heft my legs up to shave them, and shaving "down there" seems dangerous because I would be doing it blind. Very cumbersome, this whole ordeal.

debdills said...

you're a hot mess!

Jessica said...

Here's the hilarious PS...

Because the water pressure was down the day they hit the water main, Bob switched off the power to the water heater so it wouldn't burn up if it emptied out of water...makes sense.
When the water was back on full force, he FORGOT to switch the power to the heater back on. Oops!
So when I jumped into the shower yesterday there was exactly no hot water at all. But there was no way I was gonna get away with another day of not washing my hair.

I had to take an icy cold shower which was fan-fricking-tastic.