Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BB 11: What the hell Jessie?

I get that you wanted to backdoor your target, and I get why. It's the only way to ensure their ouster. But Casey? Seriously?
Now the house is gonna rally against you Jessie. You needed to put Ronnie up. I don't care WHAT your team is telling you, nobody WANTS to play with Ronnie.
Whether Jordan or Casey gets the boot tomorrow night, Jeff is coming for you now. And I hate to break this to you Jessie, but Jeff is smarter than you...and waaay hotter. And now that you've put Casey up, you better hope HE'S the one booted, because if Casey stays now....dude.
So, oops Eraserhead, methinks you made a mistake.
And showmancing then dumping Lydia...yeah, not smart. If Casey stays, THAT team will solidify against you and take Jeff into their ranks. Kevin already thinks you're an idiot. If Jordan stays, she and Jeff will join up with the remaining offbeats and probably Michele too. Then they will start throwing competitions so Jeff/Athlete clique doesn't win. At least, that's what I would do. Keep Jeff in there playing for HoH just long enough to bounce all you other athlete fools out of contention, then lose on purpose. That way, you aren't safe Jessie. Get it?

I hope that is how it goes down. Michele and Jeff have shown they are both capable of winning a competition. Casey is no slouch either. I'd be sad to see Jordan go, but that might be the best way to finally get rid of the head of the snake.


Jessica said...

Well well well....
The cliques are dissolved, but I was right about one thing. Jeff is totally going to go after Jessie if he gets half a chance....

I know more, but don't want to be a spoiler...

Jessica said...

Oh, be a spoiler! What do you know?!?

BTW, I had an actual dream about Jeff last night. I don't really remember it, but he was there and I was loving him.

I was aghast at the idiocy of Jeff and Jordan families. "Maybe she's the one" and "they very well could wind up together" and "maybe that's the reason he came on this show." Do people really have parents like this? My parents would slit their throats before thinking lunacy of this caliber. And I'm surprised Jeff's mother wasn't EMBARRASSED that her normal-intellect son could be interested in Jordan. I mean yeah, she's cute. But so are field mice and MY mother doesn't want me to marry one of those.

Jessica said...

Not to mention it would be bigamy were you to pursue said union with said field mice....but I digress...

I'm not saying that I also dreamt of Jeff...I'm just not going to say that.... :)

Did you realize that Jeff is our age and Jordan is 22 years old. I'm not saying anything about that either, just putting the facts out there. AND, they both live with their parents still.

The final two left hanging for HoH were Jeff (yay!) and Russell (eh).
A deal was made, but you know how solid THOSE deals are, and dammit if Jeff didn't drop.

Funniest thing from the feed the guys are hanging there Jordan keeps yelling "Jeff play it out! Play it out! You need to just play it out" and he yells back "You f'ing play it out!" as of course SHE has already dropped and the guys were up there for like FOUR hours....

Funny. So funny.

Jessica said...

I did not realize Jeff is our age and Jordan is 22. Interesting. And he lives at home!? Unexpected. If I didn't like him so much I would hold both of those facts against him.

My question is, how stupid could Jeff be? Maybe hanging out with Jordan is rubbing off on her. Russell making him a deal or promising him something means NOTHING. Ridiculous.

Where do you find the transcripts, BTW? I am so interested!!!

Jessica said...

Him, I meant. Rubbing off on HIM.

Jessica said...

He's not stupid! He's my love!
No seriously, she's really pretty so he's not thinking know how it goes. Happens to me all the time...ha ha!

Anyway...I still love him regardless. Obviously he's just waiting for the right girl to come along to get serious...of course, I mean me. Now to just unload this pesky family... ;)

It seems though that Russell is gonna stick to the deal. Go Ags!
I hope he does. Nominations are actually happening sometime we'll know soon.