Monday, February 15, 2010

Whether there's weather or not.....

I'm still not sure if I prefer the perma-sunny climes of Southern California or the four seasons of Show Low but I gotta say, I'm enjoying the ridiculously warm "winter" this week.

We went to the park.
We went to the beach.
We're hanging out in the yard, riding bikes, picking flowers, searching for four-leaf clovers.

I got a sunburn! In February!

Back in Arizona, there's snow on the ground. We'd be trapped at home or at least restricted to a minimal amount of outdoors time.

But even while I'm sweating and tanning in February, and sort of enjoying the novelty of it, I'm still pining away for the chilly winter air, the snow angels, seeing my breath in the air.

I miss having my freshly washed hair freeze into ice dreadlocks on the walk from the house to my car.
I even sort of miss having to de-ice my windshield.

Everytime I drive my car here in sunny SoCal, I look over and see my ice scraper and wonder if I'll ever use it again.

And sure, if I wanted or needed snow so terribly I could go to Big Bear or Frazier Park or even Tahoe. But it's not the same as making a giant snowman in your front yard or sledding at noon on a snow day or having an early morning snowball fight while the kids are still in PJs or breaking off the longest icicle on the house and tossing it onto the toasty hot wood stove and watching it sizzle and crackle and melt into steam.

Wearing a tank top outdoors in February just doesn't compare.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Did I guilt you into writing?

I remember having to use the scraper a few times in law school. Or was it the humidifier, once I crossed over from the valley into Malibu. Maybe the humidifier.

Jessica said...

Totally guilted! I need that shame apparently!

It definitely gets chilly in SoCal, but where we're at, chilly is about the coldest that you get.

Meredith said...

Seriously? I'd take SoCal over this any day. We've had 3 snow days in the past week and the high will be in the 20s tomorrow. I am SO OVER snow!

Susie said...

Meredith! I feel ya! We have had over a foot of snow in the last 2 weeks and it is still snowing. I done with cold. I MISS tanning at the beach in February. I thought when I left Colorado I would not have to sse this type of weather any more!

Jessica said...

Don't you two live in the same town!?

By this time of the year in AZ I would also be SOOOO over snow. But since we only got to see one good still seems fun to me.
You know, as people we know are getting stranded in Maine because of heaps of snow...I write about how fun snow is and how much I miss it. Gosh I'm such a jerk. :)