Thursday, February 18, 2010


The stars aligned!!

A couple weeks ago Bob got a call from his buddy back in Arizona that they were ramping up for another power plant overhaul and they needed him for the job!

Of course, this means that he will have to go BACK to Arizona for the job. Boo.
But it's only for 4-6 weeks. Yay!
Still, I'll miss him, especially when I'm loading up the boys into the car in the afternoons to go pick up their sister from school. Or at bedtime or bathtime or mealtime when I'll have no help wrangling all three of them. Or anytime I have to run a quick errand and end up having to take my entourage along, extending a five minute task into a half hour escapade.

However, beggars cannot be choosers and the money from this job is good. Hopefully it will lead into an opportunity here in California so we can FINALLY get back on our feet in a place of our own.

In other news:

Benny freaking LOVES the ocean! We went to the Channel Islands beach park and Ben practically threw himself into the water. He also loves squirrels and would like to catch one with his bare hands.

I'm thinking of getting Dylan back into a preschool though he's completely against the idea in every way. He is violently disinterested in school, which is not to say that he's not smart, he just does not seem to enjoy structure. Naturally, that's EXACTLY why I think he needs to go back to school.


Kenna said...

Awesome news!!! About the job of course!

Jessica said...

It sucks when daddies are gone, but YAY for income!! :)